just wondering

as i was reading the moose sign thread, i was wondering what the weirdest critter you’ve ever had run across the road in front of you.

i’ve had tons of critters make the dash. we live in the country so it’s pretty common.

i’ll start with some of the more common ones i’ve had.

big black snake

ok now i’ll get a little weirder
wild turkey…real scary
quail and babies…very cute

now i’m gonna save the best for last, but i wanna see if anyone has anything REALLY WEIRD.

so i’ll post later with the last few.

Here its deer everywhere!! Sometimes you’ll get the squirrel or racoon, but mostly deer, because we have too many of them here

See this:Deer Problems

Umm… of the top of my head, I have seen thousands of deer, many of them hanging from a tree in my backyard:) Tons of rabbits, squirells, chipmunks, raccoons, opposums, etc. A few bears and bobcats and coyotes. Flocks upon flocks of wild turkey. Weirdest thing though wa the turkey in Boston!:confused:

A lion. In Baltimore City, no less. It was someone’s pet and one day it got away from them and ran right in front of our car. Luckily we didn’t hit it and in return, it didn’t eat us (actually, it was about as tame as a lion could be, I think it was used in television and such).

Chickens, but only odd because a chicken transport truck had overturned so there were hundreds of them.

And a cow. Well, it didn’t actually run out in front of me, it was just sort of standing there in the middle of the road and only ambled off after I had honked my horn at it for 15 minutes. And they say donkeys are stubborn


Lions and chickens and cows, oh my!

It’s not a critter but once I was driving downstate on I-95 when a construction worker jumped in front of me from the side of the road…I didn’t hit him luckily but I was so close to…

I get the occasional racoon…

A wallaby, while driving through West Virginia (for those that don’t know, a wallaby is like a short kangaroo, about two feet tall).

it’s a long story…


squirrels, rabbits, shrews (kinda like mice, but with no tails and really ugly) and the occasional moruning dove … no deer or anything interesting around here!

  • Katie

thats cool… a lion…a coyote…bears…and bobcats…a WALLABY!!

i knew this was gonna get werid

ok here’s a one more
a pheasant…they are really long when they fly!

ok and i’m waiting to see who’s had elephant!!!


that sounds like it hurts…

Well, it didn’t run across the street but I was driving home from church one day and there was an emu on the side of the road. It through me for a loop until I realized that it had probably escaped from a farm.


My weirdest, a giant wild turkey! lol, it was really weird.:smiley:

ian…wow that’s too funny.

a cow dropping from the sky. i’m surprised the lady didn’ have a heart attack! i mean i’ve heard of cow tipping…hehe…but this is too much

and yearbook…the guy jumping out in from of you should be EXTREMELY grateful that you are such a good driver!! lucky guy.

well i just remembered that i didn’t tell ya’ll the weirdest one for me.

one morning on the way to work…before i’d had enough coffee…i saw this thing going across the road pretty far away. it was like flowing and don’t ask me why, but the first thing that popped into my head was the loch ness monster!! weird brain fart i guess…anyhow when i got down to it i couldn’t believe it. it was a peacock with its tail down(that’s what was flowing) well i thought i was losing it. but it was really there!

so any more weird animals in the line of fire??

Do drunken met fans count? cause a few of them ran in front of our school bus…and yes we were away from Shea stadium

Druken METS fans. wow thats a cool untamed animal.

Racoons run along and in back of my block like its a free way. Posseums Rats, Dogs Cats also join the animal marathon in Staten Island

Those stupid little birds that stand right in the middle of the road!!! Or the ones that fly into your windshield!

Hmm, i’m not sure if this counts, but just this weekend my family found an injured pigeon that couldn’t fly stuck in our garage. After we got it out, it spent the rest of the day sitting on the steps in front of my house. Yet, by the next morning it disappeared as mysteriously as it came…

A white owl. Driving on Rt. 31 in Jersey in winter outside Washington (no guys, not the Washington by you, the one by me…), in my mom’s LeBaron, the thing flew into the side of the roof bonnet and shettered the thing as it exploded into a cloud of feathers. Guy behind me told me about it after I pulled over. Crazy.

several squirrels, a few cats, a dog or two, the occasional homeless person ( those crazzzzy hobos ) raccons, oppossums, my sister, lots of stuff.

um, turtles, geese, ducks, possums, racoons, rats, people, trash, prolly some other stuff too