Justice League Video Game!

So I’m counting down until October, and Justice League Heroes is just another reason its going to be the best month ever!

Justice League Heroes

Anyone else pumped?

Looks like a good game. This is the first I’ve heard of it. I am going to be too busy to play any game soon. But the last game I will get for a long time is Madden 07. Only because I’ve already reserved a copy.

Wow Jill, those are some amazing graphics.

Hopefully the graphics will be true to life in the game, and not only the cut screen CGI as I have experienced with countless game after game over the years.

What platform(s) is this being released on?

(Even though I am partial to the X-Men I can’t deny the coolness factor of the Justice League) :cool:

P.S. Another reason October is the coolest month ever? Yeah… that’s when my birthday is. :smiley: w00t.

Xbox, PS2 and PSP…and I could have sworn I read somewhere that it was for Nintendo DS but I’m most likely wrong.


Dead Rising is the game I’m looking forward to… this picture says enough -


I downloaded the demo and it’s really fun. I don’t think I’ll shell out the 60 bucks for it just yet though, probably wait a few months and buy it used.

Heck yeah, I saw the commercials for it, looks sweet.

Wow, the real title of that should be Attack of the Zombies who all shop at the same store. I have never seen so many flannel shirts in my life.
Horray for lack of imagination when dressing these zombies?

Oh c’mon, you’re telling me you’ve never seen Zombies 'R Us? They were having a sale on flannel shirts a few weeks ago.

I’m dissappointed by the graphics. The textures used looked on par with the Quake 3 engine era games and the polygon count of the environment is dismal.

The models for the characters are good, but I would like to see some bump mapping on that spandex :stuck_out_tongue:

Also, DC superhero games tend to be of poor quality. Let’s hope this game will turn DC’s poor video game performance record around.

Comes out this Tuesday!!