JVN Calculator Question

When using the JVN calculator for an intake how do you determine the travel distance and drag load? Also for all the calculators what numbers do you use for things like efficiency and coefficience?

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Our team doesn’t typically use JVN calc for intakes, we usually start with a 1:1 ratio on our prototype, and then adjust it if needed by swapping in different sizes of pulleys. So I can’t help you on your first question.

But as for things like efficiency, we typically leave them at the defaults. We’ve always gotten reasonably good results with the defaults, and consider the amount of testing it would take to accurately calculate the actual efficiency to be unreasonable.

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A rule of thumb of intake design that I’ve heard many times is to gear it to twice about as fast as your drivetrain. We’re using a 2:1 Falcon 500 with 2" rollers and it’s worked great so far. In the calculator, the fine details really aren’t too important - just leave them on the defaults, as long as you build it on the fast side you can slow it down in code if you really need to.


^^ that is very good advice!!! If you run the motor flat out you have no margin for “oops, its not fast enough!” We were in that situation last year, even after a pulley swap to speed it up a bit. We couldn’t intake at full speed :frowning:

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