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Does anyone have the latest JVN spreadsheet time calcite gearbox ratios? I can only find the 2017 one.

See this blog post about the history and future of the spreadsheet https://johnvneun.com/blog/2019/12/24/jvn-calc-past-and-future

2017 is the latest version

You can also edit the sheet yourself by going to the last page labeled DATA and entering new motor data that you can get off of vendors websites.

Nooo why did I click the JVN blog link. Now I just have to read it all.:slight_smile:


Here is my updated version for the 2020 season. It has NEOs, NEO 550s, and Falcon 500 specs. I also expanded the area to enter your own data in the DATA tab.

JVN-DesignCalc.20200103.xlsx (847.8 KB)

Edit: removed JVN’s contact info.

You should remove contact info for people that aren’t you from that spreadsheet.

What about that do you see as an issue? One of those people is the original creator of the spreadsheet and the other is me.

Pro-tip: Don’t put out contact info that isn’t yours, unless you have specific permission to do so.

There’s an awful lot of reasons why you want to operate that way; the LEAST of which is your friends getting spammed by random people without any warning.

Names, SURE! Always give credit. But contact info is widely seen as a Bad Move. (In this specific case, however, you could probably get away with a link to JVN’s website as he has his email up there. hint, hint)

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If you think it could lead to issues I’ll remove it, I just assumed it’d be fine since he put his email in the original version of the document.

Edit: never mind, I removed it just in case.

You updated my sheet, and posted it… but the way you did it, it looks like an “official” update. Maybe add a note clarifying that the 2020 update was done 148% without my involvement?


I’ll add that now. Sorry about that, I could have sworn I mentioned that.

Looks like I ran into the 24 hour editing window. I just edited the spreadsheet, so whenever I upload again it’ll be noted. Again, very sorry about that.

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