JVN step aside... TAS is now officially famous!

Well, I’m not sure who he paid off, but Tom is now officially famous… well, as famous as the Boston Globe can make you:


Who would have ever thunk?

“Tom Schindler loves his Segway”… that might be an understatement though…



Wow, I am Tom Schindler

Next order of business…

I <3 my Segway shirts.

Congrats for making the Globe, Tom! Interesting play on WPI by the globe…schlepping all the way out to Dean’s alma-mater to interview someone was definitely intentional :wink:

its 1:16 right now… was talking to david… cbteam234: i am john v-neun

Last night you were saying that you are John - V- Neun… :rolleyes:

i was wondering what was amanda away message about… :ahh:

"Auto Response from Amanda Morrison: “i am Tom Schindler”

I wouldnt know what was that away message about if i didnt see this thread…


“I am John-V-Neun.” …:slight_smile:

How can you be Tom Schindler when I already am??? haha :wink:

You do love your Segway a questionable amount. I suggest you have that looked at.


Faithful admirer (I love you ChiefDelphi times!),
Amanda Morrison

“It’s a great conversation starter,” said Schindler, who admits to once charging a woman outside a bar $10 for a ride.

Tom, you’re such a jerk! :stuck_out_tongue:

But hey, its a good way to make back all that money you spent on it…good thinking! :smiley:

hey-- she was the one that offered! :slight_smile:


Earlier, he was in the campus center, proudly by his Segway. He’s way beyond just love with it. I wont say I am Tom Schindler though, b/c that would just be weird. Well and the fact that I am JVN.

Did anyone else notice that he is 20, but charging outside a bar?

He was doing a good service to the community. Tom was gratiously thinking about the safety for the patrons of the bar and the rest of the community by offering them to ride it. Lot better than drinking and driving. :]

we need new bumper stickers… “DON’T DRINK AND SEGWAY”.

good job Tom, gettin into the Boston Globe. I’ve never done that. of course, considering i live in new jersey, i’d have to do something pretty spectacular to make it into the Boston Globe. :rolleyes:

way to go tom!! at least he didnt have a picture so at least he’s not a marked man =P…

Nice Job Tom. But I am always Suneel. Heck, I’ll be famous (one of these days :yikes: ). Now as FIRSTers get segways, we need to have a FIRST hazing type thing, like segway racing or drinking and segway (only if your over 21). Plus, how much damage can you cause by going full speed (10 mph) with a 30/40/50 pound segway? You may not even hurt yourself. JK, but it would be a fun, “welcome to FIRST” experience.

Congrats Tom! I knew someday you’d be famous…who knew you’re one true love you make it happen?

good thing i got my ride in before he started charging!!:eek: