Kamen speaks to Discover Magazine

Dean Kamen was interviewed in this month’s Discover Magazine (10/2005) on the importance of involvment in FIRST.

I hosted a farily legible picture of the article here. The Discover website will not display the full article without payment.

Note: If someone finds my method of posting the article unacceptable, just PM me and I will disable the link.

Thanks for posting. It was a good article other than the spelling of FIRST being written as “First” and also the championship event being refereed to as “an annual nationwide robotics competition.” Perhaps I’m just nit-picky, but can’t expect a journalist to get everything right every time. Good interview on a great hero.

I wish they had pictures from competition. Speaking of which I read a PC modding magazine (can’t remember which) that had four pages on FIRST with some rock’n pictures.