Kangaroo and mDNS

we are probably going to move to a Kangaroo / Roborealm away from Python/OpenCV/rPi2 for vision. Kangaroo is a couple of days away from being shipped.

I don’t want to hardwire IP addresses down; want to rely on either DHCP addresses or link-local addresses if no DHCP server present. This drives us to using mDNS on the Kangaroo to get to the roboRIO.

What are people using for mDNS client for Windows based coprocessors? I could install the FRC Update to get the NI mDNS resolver (with the driver’s station, etc), but was hoping for a lighter solution.

We’re doing the FRC update install.

If you download the newest version of iTunes, you can actually extract the bonjour installer from that. You can just use WinRAR or 7zip on the full iTunes executable and grab the bonjour installer. NI’s implementation of mDNS is based on bonjour, and it’s working good for us.

Thad: does the Kangaroo ship with 32-bit or 64-bit Windows (or is 32-bit not an options with Windows 10)?

It ships with 64 bit Windows 10.

Download the 32 bit iTunes to get 32 bit Bonjour or the 64 bit iTunes to get 64 bit Bonjour. Better yet use your Apple account or take a minute to create one and you can download the Bonjour SDK with all the files and it’s only 8MB instead of downloading 100MB of iTunes.

Thanks all, got it working. Took the iTunes route (getting allergic to registering for more SDKs); 100Mb is a breeze at work…