Kansas City 2011 Thanks and Congrats

I’d like to congratulate 525, 1730, 1984, and 3784 on their victory. You had the total package, and fought past some tough alliances on your way to the finals. Congratulations to 1730 on your quick recovery from burning an arm motor at the end of qualifications - we look forward to seeing you in Minnesota.

Thanks to 1825, 3284, and 3172 for being wonderful alliance partners. It was a pleasure to work with you, and we are delighted with the results. It was a nail-biter down to the finish. Although we didn’t get to work with 3172 for long, thank you for being ready when we needed you.

Congratulations again to 3172 on your chairman’s win. Hearing the list of your outreach efforts was inspiring. Good luck in St. Louis!

Thanks to all the volunteers, but particularly the FTAs and field crew. The field was unwell on Thursday, but you fought through the diagnostics and got it working with all the robots by the end of the day. During what must have been an intensely frustrating fight against the problems, you managed to stay cheerful and energetic, and the field worked wonderfully Friday and Saturday.

Finally, congratulations to our own Austin Abitz on being named a Dean’s List Finalist. You also did a spectacular job this weekend, leading efforts in the pits to improve the gripper, troubleshooting the various glitches, keeping your composure during alliance selection when you were called up out of order, and coaching the drive team through the finals. I’m so proud of you.