Kansas City Scrimmage (Lee's Summit)

I just wanted to take the time to thank Team 1987, the Broncobotz along with the other two teams from Lee’s Summit (Team Titanium 1986, and Team Driven 1730) for hosting such an awesome practice/scrimmage today.

It was unbelievably valuable to our team who works out of a 16’ x 16’ shed and a corner of a science classroom to have an actual pyramid to climb and a goal to shoot at that isn’t just a piece of cardboard taped to the wall!

The other robots on the field were also amazing! I won’t spill the beans, but suffice it to say that it is clear that there will be some extremely tough competitors at the Kansas City Regional.

It was good to see team 1825 (Metro Homeschool), 3528 (Up Next), 1810 (Mill Valley), 1806 (SWAT), 1986 (Titanium) and others. What a great morale boost, too, to have all of the teams cheering one another on when a goal was made or a climb was successful!

See you all again in a few weeks. Enjoy the last few days of build season!

Yes, this was definitely a valuable event to go to. We feel like we’re a regional Thursday ahead of where we normally are this time of year.
Also, it was great to see all the teams in various states of completion.
Thanks to the entire R-7 Alliance and all the teams there for making this a smooth running, fun, and valuable experience for us.

EDIT: Also, just curious, what did everyone think of our new gray secondary shirts?

You all are very welcome! It was pretty awesome to have teams to work with and play around on a full size field.

The robots are of great caliber of representing what Kansas city has to offer.

Kansas city is going to be a tough regional as always this year can’t wait to see you all on the field. Great robots to go along with great teams!