Kansas Cup

Our team coach just got an interesting email, announcing a new KC area offseason (this makes two, to match our regionals I guess). Information is on the Team STEAM Website. Hosts 36 teams, and will take place on November 10th and 11th. Seems awfully late for a off season.

Late but not unheard of. Brunswick Eruption (New Jersey) is the same weekend this year, and it’s typically one of the last (if not the last) offseasons of the year. I think there was another late one last year as well but can’t remember what it was.

The HHH Invitational on Long Island is the weekend after-Nov 18.
Then the fields get reworked for Power Up.

Now sign up for both those Kansas off-seasons!
Support your local off-seasons with your presence.

We’d love to, the problem is that the Cowtown waitlist is now twelve deep.

It’s a good problem to have.

The Bloomfield Hills All Girls Event is this weekend as well, and it’s always the last event in Michigan for the year.

I believe Boiler Bot Battle at Purdue is this weekend as well.

So late, but not unique. It’s a great time to be recruiting new students for the season as well.

Team 1108 Panther Robotics is planning on attending…

I think Kansas has about 23 teams, but STEAM has indicated more openings than that, so I expect other states will be represented.

According to this, Kansas has 28 teams, although this includes three pre-rookies, as well as potentially some retired teams (I believe). The website says that Kansas teams are guaranteed a spot if they register before Oct 23rd, but other states are welcome to come. I wonder if this sends the wrong message towards out of state teams (specifically close by Missouri teams), or whether or not they’ll attend anyway.

For 2017 it was 23 teams, with Parsons (1448) or St.John’s (3798) not competing and defunct AFAIK. I’m happy El Dorado, Ft. Scott, and Lansing are joining this year to bring us to 26 teams.

Johnny (5119 coach) announced the new off-season event, to be held at Free State on November 10th & 11th, at the Kansas City coaches meeting. They held a scrimmage/meetup with our team earlier this month and so I heard about their planning earlier. I was a little unsure how the proximity and time with Cowtown might go, but seeing waitlisted teams makes me think there is enough demand. I’m also excited they were able to get sponsorship from Capitol Federal and I think the venue at Free State will be good.

Gaining local support will be important to make the event successful and with it being the first year and on shorter notice, I think the priority for Kansas teams is for that. I don’t think for this year there is as strong of a priority to teams outside of the Kansas and KC Metro, but they plan room for 36 teams, so people in neighboring states are welcome. I’d suggest that they give 2nd preference to out-of-state teams waitlisted at Cowtown (Harrisonville, Ray-Pec, Paseo Academy, Bennington (NE), Sapulpa (OK)). If they have success, then we’ll see how they deal with signups, but until then just getting it going will be great.

We’ve signed up for both. Twice as much rookie driver training:D

Robot Rewind (PNW offseason) is also on this weekend and was last year.

Blue alliance lists 5 off-season events for this weekend in November + one more a week later (and a BunnyBots in early December). The Kansas event is not yet listed on Blue Alliance.

Hi, name is Jack from 5119 and I am the Event Director of the Kansas Cup. If you have any questions about the event I would be more than happy to answer them. If you want to register go to our website HERE. Finally if you didn’t receive our email blast (sent tonight) your teams contact information would be helpful if you would like us to send you more information.

For reference, conflicting FIRST events in the area are:

FTC Meet - KCEZ - 4825 Troost Ave KCMO
FLL Qualifier - ONW HS - 21300 College Blvd Olathe, KS

Both conflicts only apply to Saturday, both likely to have minimal affect on the FRC offseason, although FRC1710 will be all-hands-on-deck at our school for the FLL qualifier.