Karthik & 1114: Effective FIRST Strategies 2013

With the Championships in St. Louis rapidly approaching, I’d like to remind teams of the FIRST Robotics Conference which will be taking place. At 6:00 PM on Wednesday evening, myself and Team 1114 will once again be delivering our seminar on Effective FIRST Strategies. This year, FIRST has graciously given us 1.5 hours to present on this topic, which will allow us to cover some topics at a much more in depth level than the past, as well as covering some entirely new topics. Also, since this is the last presentation of the evening, I plan on talking on until security throws us out of the building. :wink:

Also, thanks to the Air National Guard, these presentations are free! So now everyone can be part of the peanut gallery!

Here are the threads discussing the last three editions of this seminar:


Here’s video from last year’s version of this presentation:

Here’s video of the TEDx talk that was inspired by many of the elements of this presentation:

And the abstract:

This presentation focuses on three major areas, Strategic Design, Match Planning/Execution, and Scouting. Rather than spending time on equations and detailed calculations, the Strategic Design gives a more high-level overview of how to design an FRC robot. This portion of the presentation includes sections on such often neglected strategic design areas such as Game Analysis, Chokehold Strategies, Cost-Benefit Analysis, Task Prioritization, and Tradeoffs using a case studies from past games. The Match Planning/Execution section of the presentation discusses effective habits and strategies that will help lead a team to victory. This is a must for those who enjoy the strategic aspects of FIRST. The Scouting section deals with effective techniques to collect information on your partners/opponents, and how to make the most of this data. Advanced statistical metrics analgous to “Sabremetrics” in baseball will also be discussed. The presentation is filled with entertaining and insightful historical FIRST anecdotes from the past 15 years. With the information in this presentation, you can turn your team from a mere competitor to a perennial powerhouse!

Since Ultimate Ascent posed the toughest strategic design questions since 2004, we’ll be looking at those in detail in this presentation.

If there are any topics you’d like to discussed in detail, or questions you’d like answered, post them here and we’ll be happy to address them during the presentation.

If you’re really into FIRST strategy, looking for personal inspiration, or just looking for some good FIRST related laughs, this is a presentation you won’t want to miss.

For information please visit the following link:

I hope to see all of you there!

Will the presentation be recorded again this year?

Is there a version somewhere with captions, for those of us with aging ears?


Last year I couldn’t find the presentations :frowning: . Can you please inform me on where they are.?

I’m assuming it will, since it was last year… I really hope so at least - I’ve watched last year’s too many times.

Looking forward to the video (I hope there is one).

Just a suggestion, but would there be any way for the audio to be improved or completed with captions? Id love to show it to my team, but the audio quality was a big “turn off”, persay, to them.

I also have watched last years too many times. I have a few goals for my high school career, and to see this ij perosn is actually one of them :stuck_out_tongue:

Im so addicted to frc…

What usually works well for recording the audio is grabbing a feed from the room’s sound system. It would be really useful if FIRST and the convention center could come up with a plan ahead of time -at least a cable drop in each room.


I’ll have to duck out early if you’re talking 'til you’re thrown out-
*I made a commitment to being part of FLL Opening Ceremonies before the conference schedule was made, silly me- *
but I’m looking forward to catching as much as I can of this!

This is hands-down one of my favorite presentations each year.
I’ve gone every year I’ve been in the right city at the right time, and I always learn something new. Always.

Can’t wait to be a part of the peanut gallery again.

Going last year was one of my highlights of Championships. The moment the recording was posted I encouraged everyone on my team to see it. Hopefully I will be able to attend this year.


As a guy who’s been able to directly use new takeaways from these talks every year, I look forward to this again! It was the primary motivator behind why we even made it to Champs Elims last year.

Hopefully they gave you a bigger room this year Karthik?

I am seriously so pumped for this. I have not been able to attend Karthik’s presentation live before, so I’ve been stuck just watching the recordings and reading the presentations over and over. Now, I finally have a chance to attend in person!

My excitement level is a little ridiculous right now. I need to go lie down.

I would like to see some information on the “magic” part…how to get the team motivated to do all this fun, hard work. That’s mainly what I (and I think many others) have trouble with.

I hope to make it to the presentation, it sounds like it will be great!

3397 is definitely sending freshmen over to attend. I had a blast last year, and hope that some newer members will learn as much as I did from it.

I’m there =)

Me too. Id love to hear about this.

Just a thought, but is it possible to have this stream live online somewhere?

Since its free to attend now, it’s not like anyone will be losing money by letting people stream it. I don’t know if there are rules that would prevent this, but I thought I would toss it out as an idea.

Where exactly is the presentation? I want to come and take our rookie team’s Mentor so he can learn some more, but I’m not sure where to go.

Its upstairs in room 230 they will have plenty of maps around the arena to help direct you.