Karthik: Effective FIRST Strategies


Hey all,

For those of you who are in Atlanta on Wednesday and already attending Raul Olivera’s 5:30 PM conference on Pneumatics and JVN’s 7:45 PM session on the design process, you might as well stick around for what’s in between.

I’ll be giving a presentation on Effective FIRST Strategies, taking place on Wednesday evening from 6:30 to 7:30 in room C203. This presentation will discuss many key concepts which can help take your team to the next level. The presentation focuses on three major areas; strategic design, scouting and match strategies. Some particularly relevant topics that will be addressed include using regression analysis in scouting (i.e. “OPR”) and alliance selection strategies (“should we break up alliances?”).

I’ve given this presentation many times in the past and I like to have a lot of fun with it. It’s especially fun to share a lot of neat historical FIRST anecdotes, and discuss them in a strategic context. If you are planning on attending and there’s any questions you’d like to ask advance, please send me a PM and I’ll work it into the seminar.

I hope to see you on Wednesday. At worst, you’re guaranteeing yourself a seat at JVN’s session. :wink:


I wish I could be there, instead I’ll be taking a statics exam.

This is one to go to, teams often overlook strategy. Who better to learn it from than Karthik.


Will popcorn be served? :rolleyes:


Of course not, lest it be thrown. :stuck_out_tongue:

You know, someday it would be great to come to Atlanta just to attend all the presentation sessions. Don’t volunteer, don’t watch matches, don’t mentor, just absorb.


This is an AWESOME presentation that goes into strategy not only in the competition season but also strategy in designing robots and building drive teams. I will try to make it again this year! :slight_smile:


Ughhh I really wish I could go to this. Alas, I won’t be getting in until Thursday morning.


I too won’t be getting there until Wendsday night, is there anyway to see this presentation online or see the powerpoint or whatever materials you will be using Karthik? A taping would be excellent but that may be asking too much.


I went to this last year and I cannot recommend it enough. If you care about strategy at all, you should try to go.


Rolls-Royce typically tapes many of the presentations, they are archived on the WPI site

I would recommend you come early to get a seat to this one. Last year it was packed as people kept filtering in(with many “FIRST celebrities”](http://www.chiefdelphi.com/forums/showthread.php?t=76336&highlight=celebrity) in attendance, if you use that term :smiley: ). As an added bonus, I asked Karthik a driver training question and Paul Copioli answered it as well.


Im going to this one,

hopefully I can still get back in time to uncrate the robot;)


Come for Karthik’s presentation… stay for his friends heckling him!


I heard Karthik is going to review his entire match strategy for the 3 days in Atlanta. This is a “must see” event for anyone expecting to play against 1114…


John you must be one of the meanest friends ever. lol.

Looks like I’ll be making it for the little lectures that are in a row on Wednesday night. woot!


OK, I’ll throw in a cheap commercial here for a nice Robot Electrical Seminar on Thursday at 10 AM in C203. Be there or be square!


Al, come on, Al - you are supposed to start your own thread … :slight_smile:


Strategy in a nutshell:
Everybody but 1114 and 71:

Preseason: Review all 1114 designs and ask yourself why for every part.
Build season: Ask yourself, “What would Karthick Build?”
Precompetition: Pray really hard that you get a schedule with either 1114 on your alliance or you never see them until the finals.
Comp Season: If you get a schedule against 1114, try trading numbers with a Rookie bot that doesn’t have 1114 in their schedule. Offer a bonus window motor to seal the deal.

Nationals: More praying for “with them and not against them”.
If you find yourself against them in the qualifying schedule at nationals, try the Rookie trick again. Just make sure they aren’t from your Region… Also if your robot is covered with famous yellow honey comb, give some to the Rookies and remove yours… this is true for famous bananas, flames, frogs, and a certain hot pink frame.

Team 1114: Ask themselves what would 71 do? Then plot fun rumormill ideas with friends from MI and Texas.:yikes:

Team 71: So good at Strategy they already have figured out what next years game before the GDC has even met.


WOW! Raul, Karthik, then JVN. I was going to leave after work to drive over to Atlanta on Wednesday; now I’m thinking I’ll try to cut out early to get there for these sessions. I’ll even bring the popcorn Rich.


Gary - I think you will need to be supplied with a few of these:

Hey, no one ever said that the popcorn had to be popped before it was thrown…


(p.s. I really loved the idea of buying one of the 2,500 pounds bags, but just could not see fitting it into the car for the drive to Atlanta)



Too bad Karthik’s is one of the only ones that’s not archived. :stuck_out_tongue:


Hmmm, If the camera adds 10 pounds…

Karthik would be one of the few people on earth unafraid to be on tape.

… maybe this year.