Karthik: Effective FIRST Strategies


Would it be possible to get this seminar again on Friday? Or at least have it recorded?

I’m EXTREMELY interested and would like to hear it, but I cannot attend Wednesday or Thursday…

Please let me know.



You can find the powerpoint of an older version of this same presentation on the 1114 website: http://www.simbotics.org/workshops . It’s the one titled “strategy”. :wink:


Or one of these:


Thanks again to Team 2056 for the amazing bag of popcorn they brought us at the Waterloo Regional.


Everyone should read all the other ones too.


Yahtzee! As Joe said, that whole page is great source of information. Thanks Karthik. Very well written - the points are communicated very clearly, and I don’t even speak Canadian.


Can somebody record and distribute bootlegs** on the internet?

** = JOKE.


Does anyone who attended the workshop know if it was recorded? I am sure there are one or two people other than me that would want to watch it.


All of the conferences were being recorded. Who knows where they will end up and when.


They will probably be posted here:

As for a timeline, I don’t recall how long it took to get the presentations posted the last couple years.


I was fortunate enough to be at this presentation. Amazingly good presentation! Great tips for any team wanting to step up to the championship level. It was hilarious with the stories Karthik would mention and the banter between Paul and Karthik, or the Thunder Chickens who were there. There was so much good information! As a side note, all three of the sessions were great! Team 973 is planning to make many improvements, and have already used some of the sayings that were in the presentations, thank you JVN and Karthik as well as Raul. Imagine a documentary behind the strategy of 1114. Bottom line is go to any presentations JVN, Karthik, and Raul do. They are well worth the cost! Thank you for such an entertaining and eye opening presentation.


Karthik, thanks for putting together this presentation.

Everything in it is 100% accuarate, I am glad that there is a resource out there for all of the teams to reference.

I only wish I could have arrived in Atlanta in time to see the presentation and be part of the banter.

I hope all teams recognize the value of this information and reference it in the future.