So I went to the Effective FIRST Strategies seminar today at Champs… these quotes were the highlights. If anyone wants my full notes message me.

“This is an equal opportunity presentation. Except for dumb people. This is actually awesome.”

“Chasing perfection is like trying to find a unicorn. If you go all around the world, you will not find a unicorn. However, you will find a whole freak load of stuff along the way.”

“I know I’m going to sound all Reading Rainbow or Sesame Street on you here, but there is something special in here. [thumps chest] Even the shy one in the corner and the ugly smelly one.”

“People do have fears, like playing 2056 and HOT on Einstein.”

“Next slide! …Oh, I’m doing that. [weird voice] Okay, Karthik!”

“Don’t tell me driving sideways is cool if you never drive sideways. Morons.”

“For example, in 2008, the game pieces were big 40’’ balls. People like playing with—“

Karthik (imitating other teams): “Ahhhhh, on HOT Team the mentors build the robot, and their coach is annoying… Is Adam even here?”
HOT Team member: “I’ll relay the message.”

“Yes, it’s illegal, but you should still do it.”

“Shouldn’t you be uncrating your robots, or looking at OPRs? Oh, you’re probably too smart for that, too.”

“2003 was a very, very dark time. Except for 2009, which we don’t speak about.”

“No one yell fire, and we’re all gonna be good. Even if there is a fire, put it out discreetly. Like stop, drop, and roll. Put it out. I would, but this is a nice jacket.”

“If you have Jordans, people are gonna be like, ‘Yo, those are some fly Jordans.’ If you wear Walmart shoes, people are gonna judge you.”

“I don’t even want to know. You just go back to programming.”

“I don’t even want to talk about Vegas right now.”

“They’re called a graduating class for a reason. They graduated.”

“That’s like saying your wife is your #1 priority, and then for Christmas buying her a shopping spree at Walmart.”

“Average does not mean average of the matches in which you were awesome.”

“What does every mean to you? To me, every means non-exclusive. Some teams were like, ‘We climbed every time we didn’t fall off the bar.’”

“It’s important to keep your lips healthy. Don’t neglect them.”

“You made yourself a ‘Call Me Maybe’ shirt! Where’s mine? You made her one?!?”

“He’s all about it. He’ll pay for the GoPro. He’ll pay for the stick, too.”

“Say we had a team that I call a full-court misser.”

“You need to be careful with OPR.”

“Winning is fun, guys. Trust me.”

Anyone got more?

I believe the Jordon’s comment was prefaced with a “Yo” as in “Yo, those are some fly Jordons” I think it adds to the effect too much to omit :smiley:

:stuck_out_tongue: Oh Karthik…

They better get a video up of this :slight_smile:

Thanks so much to Andrew and company for getting an audio stream of this up.

Those of us less than fortunate in their ability to get to St. Louis this year thank you.

Seconded. I expect we’ll find it around these parts once they get around to posting it.

The quote about the canadian money? Anyone?

Not exactly a Karthik-ism but a funny point from the seminar heard over the TalkShoe conference. The number one function that your robot needs to be successful - Bumpers. It’s the one secret to FIRST.

Who else stayed for the whole thing?

Karthik I want to thank you for trying so hard to get everyone’s questions answered and even going into the hallway to finish the presentation! First really needs to recognize the demand people have for your amazing speeches and get you a BIGGER room. Thank you so much!

I stayed to the end! I have to echo Marc in thanking Karthik, it was a great presentation and I’m glad I went. I hope you get your bigger room next year!

For people who were there, did he actually continue the conference outside after the audio stream ended?

Yes, for about an hour or so.

I would like to thank Karthik for putting this on. Many of my team members that attended were really inspired. They can’t stop talking about last night.

I wonder if the recording being done by 1114 (I understand they were recording it once again for posting later) will include the hallway bit.

I’m still pissed that I missed this presentation the one time I went to CMP.

I’m gonna find my way back there.

I haven’t really shut up about it yet. I think my teammates are getting annoyed.

You’ve got that right buddy… But in all seriousness, I totally wish I could’ve been there. Thanks to Jacob (TheCascadeKid) for providing some great Karthik-isms for me to get a comic preview of the presentation I’ll be watching as soon as it pops on YouTube. Good luck to all the teams in St. Louis!


Come and find me in the stands tomorrow (we’re on Curie too). We can babble on to each other about The presentation.