Keep 1902 on the front page

If you go to and go to columnists. Then under Regional go to Jake Vest. The first article about geeks is about Exploding Bacon. If you email it to everyone you know, it will stay on the online front page under most emailed articles. Many people read those just on general principal.

So help us spread the word about FIRST.


A direct link:,0,4111531.column

consider posting on


How do you vote?

on just register and then “digg” it.

for, just send it as an email to someone (like yourself).

“Geek Responsibly” is our slogan

hey i’ve seen that phrase before… oh yea thats right, i remember it was on our team shirts

Geek Responsibly

hehe its not our slogan we just mentioned it as a joke during the interview heh our typical slogan is " if its still broke get a bigger hammer " and a few others lol. I completly forgot about the geek responsibly shirts till now, i should have remembered considering 1029 is one my favorite teams in florida lol