"Keep Comm" Shirt Sales


Because of the interest in our team shirts last spring, Team 192 is looking into selling custom “Keep Comm” shirts. We’d first like to know how many people would be interested in actually buying them.

The front of the shirt is “Keep Comm And Carry On” while the back of the shirt is the FIRST Logo (see attached images).

If you would be interested in buying these shirts please fill out this form! If we get enough interest we’ll order and sell them.

Right now, we’d probably sell each shirt for around $15. If there are more orders, we may be able to lower the price.

Wenlong Xiong
GRT 192 (2012-2014)



Before selling anything with the FIRST logo, you may want to check with FIRST first. They usually don’t have a problem with things like this, but it never hurts to make sure you have permission.

On the topic of the shirts, I for one would definitely buy one.

There’s a service (like Kickstarter for T-shirts) that would be perfect for this: teespring.com/

I would definitely be interested. $15 isn’t bad for a t-shirt, any idea how much shipping might be? Being a teen with no job (yet) money is a bit scarce for me so I can’t say I would have the money when you sell them, but if I did I would love to buy one.


He’s right. FIRST is pretty cool about us using their logo and stuff, but after having just been through a situation where we needed to check on proper usage, I suggest you look through the pdfs here: http://www.usfirst.org/roboticsprograms/marketing-tools/brand

There’s usage instructions and some terms of use.

Cool shirt, otherwise!

I recently bought a shirt from teespring, and the shipping was $3.85.

That is if 192 chooses to go with teespring.

Your mileage may vary.

YESS! Was in your division at worlds and wanted one of these so bad! Definitely in for a t-$@#$@#$@#$@#. Maybe even a couple for some of the other mentors or students as well.

Wow! Thanks to everyone for the positive response!

We’re currently looking into the copyright issues related to the logo on the back of the shirt.

At the moment, we’re also planning on using teespring.

I like the shirt idea, but mostly wanted to drop in to say thanks for checking on the potential copyright issue.

Keep in mind that the FIRST logo is a piece of art that someone created (that thread’s more specifically for the '11 season, but the sentiment still applies)… and FIRST does own the rights to use it. Thank you for being considerate of that.

We talked to Jim Beck from FIRST (he’s in charge of the copyright stuff) and he approved the fact that we’re using the FIRST logo.

On another note, we have received enough interest to start selling shirts! You can order at http://teespring.com/keepcomm. The price is the same as before, $15. Spread the word to other teams that may be interested!

Wenlong Xiong
GRT 192 (2012-2014)