Keep your heads up

Well this year my team hasnt been the best, but were going to nationals. I think that every captain should give a nice little speech like this to there team, because most team members dont realize this themselves.

This is what i told my team

I’ve heard some people saying that we got to Atlanta by luck. Well, we did in way but that doesnt mean we are a weak team. By no means are we a weak team. We may not be wildstang, but we’re a team that truly follows FIRST’s mission plan. We have strong support from our parents and sponsors. The students do most of the work. The focal point of our team is the students, and we give back to the community. We have all worked our butts off for the last half of the year. Even though I may not be the captain, i want everyone on our team to be proud of what
we done. We’ve overcome problems and truly became a great team. Now when we go to nationals, when people see our robot, be proud. I want everyone to take a look at the robot when we get to Nationals and just think that your a reason that we’re here. Think about how amazing it
is that we built that robot. I realized that in Milwaukee and told Joe M. and we both realized that everything we’ve done this year is unbelievable. I want everyone to get that feeling.

Now when we go to Nationals, I want everyone to realize that we have a 1st class robot. The problems are behind us and now lets show the world what we can do. Were as good as you think we can be. All and all, I just want everyone to be proud of our robot and our team no matter what happens.

Im not sure what you mean when you say you got to the championship by luck.

There were 33 regionals this year. That means 99 teams can earn a seat by winning a regional, and 33 more by being chairmans award winners

and not all those teams have funds to attend. So out of the ~300 teams at the championship maybe 100 have ‘earned’ their way this year.

The rest are going because they have not been there in a few years, or they are previous chairmans award winners, or they snatched up the few openings that are left almost every year.

No matter how you get to Atlanta, you are there, and you deserve to be there just as much as any other FIRST team.

FIRST robotics speeches pwn football speechs.

Mine is in my sig.

99% of the teams are not on the WIldstang level.
Much as I love this page it does poison the perception of everyone in FIRST into thinking f they do not achieve the heights of a 111, a 71 or 233 that they are a failure. Just because everyone isn’t gushing over you in every thread and mentioning every single thing you do does not make you any less an important part of FIRST than any other team from the eldest teams, to the most dominant on field teams to powerful community building hall of fame teams to rookies just happy to go to their local regional. Every one of them make up the body of FIRST that contribute to it’s greatness. Your team is a part of that. You are appreciated for that. You are great because of that. Remember that.

exactly! You are FIRST 1st, and team 1675 second.

someday you will leave your team behind, but you will always be a part of FIRST.

I share both Ed and Ken’s mentality - Every Team contributes to the FIRST community by spreading the enthusiasm and opportunity to the students. The fact that a team is offically recognized at a competition is great but it’s not everything. Joe you are absolutely right to reinforce to your team your own successes. As they say you are all winners if you have made it to any competition to compete. That is a huge feat in itself.

Take it from us we’ve been through it all for the last 15 years (as someone pointed out in another thread about droughts- last year was the very first time our team has ever won a Robotics competition) Sure we’ve never come back empty handed each year but awards are just sugar on top of a fun filled yet challenging season.



Guess what, WildStang was once where you are now. We struggled early on also. We looked at the X-calibur and Tigerbolt robots and their team back in 1996 and thought, Wow, we hope to be that good some day.

We hope to inspire you to keep trying to get to our level. And we (the entire CD/FIRST community) are willing to help you get there. Then we can all have more fun and inspire even more teams. That is what makes FIRST so special.

Yeh, I agree with all of you. I was just trying to give my team that feeling. I also think that other teams that are having problems with thier robot need to hear these things. When I wrote this, I wrote it for the team. I want them to keep going and get excited about us.