Keeping Interesting...

Hi folks,

I just found this link from (one of my new favorite places on the web* - worth checking out).

The paper is titled: Building Habits for Effective Writing and it is really should be titled How to Keep Your Blog Interesting, but, that said, the author makes a lot of good points that people who post on can benefit from (myself included). I am particularly fond of item #4 "Be original/creative, add value "

It is worth the few minutes it will take to read.

Joe J.

* is quickly climbing up there with,, and

I think every one of those points applies very well to Delphi. Everyone on here does a great job of introducing new and interesting information, questions, and topics, and they are certainly nothing short of numbers 1 (“Post often/regular schedule”) and 9 (“Persistence/longevity/patience”). I think the members of Delphi do a good job of keeping things creative and original, though many people seem to have taken to photoshopping Cody C recently. :rolleyes:

Nice post Joe,
That article is a must read for team webmasters. If you want your team website to be effective and popular, apply the tips in the article. A great website is about content. If you want to bring visitors coming back to your your content needs to be interesting , on point, frequent and easy to read. Stale, boring content will be stale and boring.