Keeping Up

My first year here at the University of Arkansas has been great but hasn’t allowed me the time to keep up with my favorite teams. I was wondering if someone could give me a quick run down of the following teams this year:



47 has competed at the Detroit Regional and the Silicon Valley Regional. We won the Detroit Regional along with a great alliance with Team 5 and Team 313. At SVR, we had a few technical problems and our alliance (with 1097 and 1097) was eliminated in the Quarter Finals. We did end up winning the Xerox creativity award, though.

312: Participated only in the UCF regional, they seeded #5 and were knocked out in the quarterfinals =/. Very solid machine that handles the 2X ball, grabs the mobile goal, and hangs. I’m a little biased, but they looked great @ UCF imho. I expect to see them running MUCH better @ nats.

343: Participated in the St. Louis, Peachtree, and Palmetto Regionals. I am not completely sure how they did @ St. Louis, but at Peachtree they did very well. Peachtree they were knocked out in the semifinals. At Palmetto they seeded #1 and were knocked out in the quarterfinals. A very powerful drive train, and they have done numerous changes in all the regionals. Very consistent autonomous mode, but they have just had some bad luck from what I have seen. They are my darkhorse @ nats if a team of their size can be considered a darkhorse :slight_smile: .