Kelso on TV

Just figured I would post this, its Woodie Flowers winner Dave Kelso

Click here to watch :smiley:

The link doesn’t work for me.

It should launch in Windows Media Player… if anyone has problems let me know

Yeah, it launches in WMP but “The system can not find the specified file”

Windows media player comes up, then a dialog opens that says “The system cannot find the file specified.”

Edit: Sorry for the seemingly “ditto post”. We must have posted at nearly identical times.

Thats odd, half the people I talk to say it works yet the other half say it doesnt.

That worked. Thanks.

If you right click “save target as” on the link you shouldn’t have a problem.

Here’s the same file on a quicker server because that one was kind of slow for me.

and zipped up for those of you having trouble downloading:

Thanks for the mirror, our server is a bit slow