Kendrick Castillo Memorial Event

I’ve been off CD for the summer (got married, so I was busy), but am now returning to invite all interested teams to the Kendrick Castillo Memorial Tournament (KCMT), renamed from the Colorado Robotics Invitational in honor of a true hero.

This will be a long document, as I’m trying to cover all the relevant questions in one place. I’ve certainly missed some stuff, so let me know about questions or clarification.

The first annual Kendrick Castillo Memorial Tournament

What: An off-season FIRST Robotics Competition tournament, using the official playing field and equipment for the 2019 FRC game, Destination: Deep Space. The tournament is sponsored by Energy Day Colorado and is part of the annual Energy Day Festival. Energy Day is Colorado’s first FREE family festival showcasing exhibits focused on science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM). Energy Day will feature exciting exhibits and interactive demonstrations that will teach students and their families about various forms of energy and how through STEM education, they can find an exciting career in the energy industry. The tournament gives teams in Colorado and the Rocky Mountain Region an opportunity to compete using their existing robots, and to reach out to the larger community of businesses and students in order to promote their teams and programs. The event has been named in honor of Kendrick Castillo, who was deeply involved in Team 4418, STEM Impulse.

Where: East High School, 1600 City Park Esplanade, Denver, CO. The main Energy Day Festival will be held on the Esplanade in front of the school, while the tournament will be held indoors, with two adjacent gyms holding the playing field and the team pit area. There will also be a robotics competition display area on the raised dais directly in front of the school entrance.

When: September 28th, 2019. The tournament will take place from 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM. The schedule for teams and volunteers (below) will include time for loading and unloading, setup and teardown, field calibration, and practice matches outside of the competition time.

Who: As many as 40 teams or separate robots will be registered for this event. Teams from outside the Rocky Mountain West are welcome, though most teams are expected to be from within the region. Teams are invited to register robots that meet the requirements for Destination: Deep Space. Teams may register more than one robot to compete (for example, a functional practice robot, or a newly built robot) so long as they have separate drive teams and both robots function within the parameters of the game (e.g., both have complete bumpers). Unofficial teams, such as college clubs, are welcome to compete as well.

Registration: Please use the following link to register for the event.

Registration Cost: $100 per competing robot. This will help pay for the cost of renting the field and equipment, and for the use of the facilities. This will be paid directly to Colorado FIRST (similar to how registration is paid for the Colorado Regional each year).

Energy Day Expectations: Each team should plan on having their team members and robot spend a minimum of at least one hour directly participating in the Energy Day display at the front of the school. This is an opportunity to talk with the community about your experience with FIRST, with STEM education, and about your particular team. Energy Day and the KCMT will be heavily promoted on CBS 4 Denver (one of the event sponsors), and through social media. Last year we had about 10,000 attendees, and predictions this year are for that number to double. Not only will you have an opportunity to promote your program to children and families who may get involved in robotics, you will also have access to businesses and organizations that may lead to sponsorships for your team. This is a great opportunity that we hope you will embrace enthusiastically.

All participating teams are expected to help promote FIRST and STEM education by assisting with the FIRST display area, on the raised dais directly in front of the school. FIRST Lego League Jr., FIRST Lego League, and FIRST Tech Challenge will also be participating in this display area. If your team is involved in any of these activities, we encourage you to bring your FLL or FTC team or robot with you. The display area will have shaded booths, tables and chairs for your team members, as well as banners. Buttons, flyers, videos, old FRC robots, and anything else you think shows how great your program is, are welcome and encouraged.

Field and Facilities: The game will be played on an official FIRST field, using the official FMS, and run by a FIRST trained FTA. It will be set up in the Panek Gym in the Northeast corner of the school’s first floor. The gym has seating for hundreds of team members and spectators. The adjacent Calloway Gym will be set up for team pits. Limited power (primarily for charging batteries) will be provided to each pit. There will be a machine shop and woodshop available for parts and major repairs, down the hall from the gyms.

Trailers/Drop-Off: Drop-off and set up times will be between 3:00-9:00 PM on Friday the 28th, or between 6:00-7:30 AM on Saturday. Teams may drop off their equipment at either the front of the school (the Esplanade), the back of the school (Detroit Street entrance), or in the courtyard parking lot adjacent to the school gym. The parking lot is entered by turning east from the Esplanade (northbound side), just north of the main school entrance. There is a long ramp into the gym that can be used to roll equipment. The Detroit Street side entrance has no steps or ramps, and is the easiest and most direct access to the Calloway Gym. The main entrance to the school has about ten steps to climb and is probably not your best option. Trailers may be parked in the courtyard parking lot if you wish. Please make sure you secure all your belongings if you intend to leave them overnight. There will be additional overnight security as part of the Energy Day event.

Pits: Each team will have a standard 10’x10’ space within the Calloway Gym, with a single extension cord power drop, as well as a table (if you wish). We recommend that you only use your power for charging batteries, as the number of circuits is limited. There will be access to power equipment, including a full wood shop and machine shop, for making repairs, down the hall from the tournament, hosted by the coaches of Team 1339.

Most spectators for this event will not be walking through the pit area, but will instead have a direct path to the tournament field, or be watching your display robots in front of the school. If you wish to promote your team to potential sponsors and to the community (recommended), your best option is to bring promotional items to the front of the school and use them when you assist with the FIRST display area, which will be prominently placed in Energy Day on the Esplanade.

Volunteering: Teams are encouraged to volunteer to make the event run as smoothly as possible. Volunteers are needed for the following tasks:

  • Setup/Teardown of field, under the supervision of the FTA
  • Field Reset
  • Referees
  • MC
  • Color Commentary and Play-By-Play
  • Video live feed
  • Music DJ
  • Sound Tech
  • Pit Administration
  • Safety Glasses
  • Hosting a “practice field” or demo game elements, either in the Calloway Gym or on the Esplanade
  • Other roles possible; let us know if you know of a need, or if you have ideas to make the event even better!

Awards: Energy Day and the event sponsors will host an awards ceremony at the conclusion of the finals. Awards will include:

  • Official blue banners for the winning alliance, along with a trophy and $300 per team
  • Community Service Award, for the team that is determined by the sponsors to best exemplify STEM outreach during the event.

Awards ceremony will take place at the Esplanade display area.

Event Cleanup: In order to minimize costs and to help make the lives of the East High custodian team easier, we are requesting that teams assist with the tear-down and loading of the field at the conclusion of the event on Saturday night. The delivery truck will park in the courtyard behind the gym, and will take the equipment on board. Other cleanup items, such as removal of tape from the floor, signs, trash, etc. will need to be taken care of as well. With a dedicated group of volunteers we should be able to do this all in a short amount of time.

Workshops: There had been discussion that this event would include the types of team-building workshops that were hosted over the past two years at East High, and presented by team 1619. We have decided that for this year, because of the amount of time teams need to dedicate to the tournament and to Energy Day itself, it would be better to pursue other options for workshops. These may include virtual interaction, or a “summit” on a different date. Team 1339 is definitely willing to host a summit event later in the fall or winter, if other teams are interested in participating.

Video Live Feed: We are looking at the possibility of having the event live streamed, but as of now this is outside our budget and experience. If any team or team members would like to assist with this effort, please contact Team 1339 and let us know how you would like to proceed.

Food: Energy Day will include a number of food trucks on site, and it is likely there will be a limited number of vouchers for teams that contribute to the Energy Day event by using their robots in the FIRST display on the Esplanade. There are also a plethora of restaurants on Colfax, directly across from the school.

Housing: If your team needs housing arrangements made, you may contact Team 1339 and we will be happy to assist if possible. There are a number of hotels and motels within an easy drive of the school.

Contact Information: If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us!

Team 1339 email:

Coach Joel Noble: or 303-803-2980 (please text)