Kendrick Castillo Memorial Tournament (KCMT)

Join us on October 8-9 for two days of competition in Colorful Colorado. This event is dedicated to Kendrick Castillo from FRC Team #4418 of Highlands Ranch, CO. Kendrick permanently impacted his community through his commitment to FIRST Core Values. His passion for robotics and giving back to his community is a bar every FRC student should strive to meet. This event celebrates his life and spreads awareness of FIRST Core Values. The event will feature scrimmages and workshops for additional levels of FIRST programs.

We want at least 24 teams to get this event up and running, so sign up today.

This event will have an official field with an integrated FMS (and an FTA) and automated scoring. Several FRC teams in Colorado and Colorado FIRST will be planning this event and run it as close to a “Regional Event” atmosphere as possible. We hope to plan FTC and FLL workshops and scrimmages during this event and promote all levels of FIRST. More information will be coming soon so check back on the event website.

Event: Kendrick Castillo Memorial Tournament (KCMT)
Event date: October 8-9th, 2022. (7th load in)
Event Address: Denver East High school, Denver CO 80206
Game: “ 2022 Rapid React”
Who: This event is for any FIRST FRC Robotics team.
Cost: TBD. (<= $600)


Looking forward to being a volunteer at this event! Colorado, my adopted home state.


We hope to have a volunteer sign up form on the website in the next few days. What would you like to do as a volunteer?

Nice to see this tournament happening again.
One of my friends from Hawaii, who relocated there, whose kids attend the school, posted this pic a few years ago. It was near the entrance of the school.


That’s a great picture! We hope this year it will be the best yet and become a annual event!


Hi Debbie! Thank you SO MUCH for getting this going!
Let us know as soon as the Volunteer Signup is available.

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Ok! In the meantime let me know if you have a specific role that interests you and I can pass it along!

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Here is the volunteer sign up form. Thanks for volunteering, this event should be a great time!


Preorder T-Shirts Orders must be placed by Sept 18th, 2022 (limited availability at the event)

Volunteers Needed:
1 Referee for Sat/Sun, 1 for Sat afternoon
1 registration desk,
AV/webcast crew
1- 2 field reset
1 CSA (not required)
Volunteer Sign up form

Current Team List
1339 AngelBotics
1410 The Kraken
1619 Up-A-Creek Robotics
1977 The PowerSquids
2036 The Black Knights
2083 Team Blitz
2240 Brute Force
2996 Cougars Gone Wired
3200 Raptacon
3374 JH RoboBroncs
3648 Sparta Robotica
4068 Bearbotics
4175 coded summit
4293 Team Komodo
4388 Ridgebotics
4418 Team IMPULSE
4499 The Highlanders
4550 Something’s Bruin
4944 The Hi Fives
7485 MoCo Robo

Want to join us? Sign up here!

Join us today at our live stream:

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We are starting our final day of competition today, join us at our live stream here:

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I can’t even imagine how much time and effort was necessary to make this event happen. Thanks everyone for a wonderful time! (And especially to 1339 for hosting!)


We had a great time! It was great to see such amazing teams from 3 different states and some old and new faces! Cant wait to see what these teams do in 2023! We are uploading our livestream to Colorado FIRST. Our day 1 is still uploading. We hope to make this an annual event with more teams, more opportunities (scrimmages/workshops and more ice cream and cookies :slight_smile: .

Thank you to all those who helped with this ammonizing event, and with load out. I didn’t think it was possible to tear down a field, box it up and get it ready to load into the truck in less than 1 hour! Thank you to our amazing FIRST community!

And congratulations to 4499, 1619 and 3807 (9997) for their win! And thank you to all the teams who came out competed, had fun and supported the event. Hope to see more teams next year!


It was a blast, can’t wait until next year. So much energy from the teams that were there!

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