Kennesaw State University & STEM Education

Effective July 30th, 2012, I will be become the Assistant Director of Advanced Computing at Kennesaw State University. In this capacity I will be supporting a broad spectrum of activities that include activities such as learning management systems, media servers, high performance and high availability computing, research computing physics, chemical, and biological modeling, and technology research for education.

In addition to Advanced Computing,*** I will be spending 25% of my time developing STEM education initiatives.*** My goal is to help Georgia’s largest teacher training University engage in innovative STEM education programs that are beginning to transform the educational landscape.

I will remain in my current capacity with the Kell Robotics program including the development of “Kell Robotics Innovation Center” as a national model for K-12 student / community STEM support.

Ed Barker
Assistant Director of Advanced Computing
Kennesaw State University
Program Director, Kell Robotics and the Kell Robotics Innovation Center