Kettering District Live Webcast

We are all set and broadcasting Live with Scoreboard and all!

I will include audio if there is enough demand!!



ok I was just verifying that there was no audio :P. Was looking to show some students.

Demand demand demand

Demand Demand Demand YES WE WANT SOUND!! its not s FIRST event without sound!

your wish is my command!

Audio now streaming!


Now we just have to get them to speed up the drivers meeting and start some matches…

i don’t know how you are getting the sound but it is really bad, i really can;t hear anything but a bunch of static.

same here with the audio

thanks for the webcast though, the video is great.

Yeah, video-wise, this is one of the best webcast I’ve seen for a FIRST event. Audio-wise, there’s a lot of static for anything over the PA, although crowd noise sounds perfect.

My appologies on the audio. I am working hard to get a audio feed from the dj but until then we will have to make due with what we have.

Sorry Guys

This is depressing. My school’s internet is blocking the webcast!

Is the feed down right now? I wanna show a few people at work…

Just between matches. It should be up but displaying sponsor info.

i have audio but ot video :expressionless:

It’s lunch time.

that would make alot of sense… i just woke up :slight_smile: breakfast for me. is there a site that shows up to date scores and ranking?

The feed cable got broke by a cart running over it, taking the webcast and screen down. That cracked me up. Don’t stress out too much if you are fixing it, it’s not the end of the world. :smiley:

Is this an actual regional, or is this just an off event?

The continuing effort to improve and maintain this webcast is outstanding. The video quality of the original feed was great, and then they added audio. Then they worked to improve the audio. Then they set up a back-up camera after the primary feed failed. Then restored the original feed. I wish every crew had this amount of dedication. :smiley:

off air again :frowning:

working on it