kettering district ?

Does anyone know if Kettering brought in additional seating/bigger stands for the district? This isn’t an off-season/rookie event and there will be alot more people at this then i think they are used to seeing. I picture a full set of stands at the end of the field instead of those small ones.

I certainly hope so. Even at the rookie regional there wasn’t nearly enough seating. This event will have twice the number of people wanting a seat, especially in the elims. We even discussed this at our last team meeting.

Additional bleachers have been rented, but seating will still be tight.


Thanks for the quick reply. Now one more. Will there be a limited number of team members allowed to come down and recieve award? I think i read that traverse only let 7 members on field.

Yeah … sounds like that will be the case at all of the district events.


whats the reason for this limitation?

Probably because the district events have a tendency to run late into the day Saturday as it is and they want to expedite the awards ceremony especially since it is a combination of what would normally be 2 days worth of award ceremonies at other events.

So, they don’t want like teams of 50 people slowly making there way onto the field from lord knows where in the stands taking a good 3+ minutes for each team.

Even with the 7 person limit, the awards at Traverse City took a REALLY long time because of all the awards to give out. I can only imagine if they let EVERYONE go down. :yikes: :rolleyes:

^ what cbale2000 said, for the most part.


I really enjoyed the Thursday format for Kettering. Had 8 hours of pre-tweaking this week. Got in a full days work, drove up to Kettering, got the bot inspected. Played in a practice match. Worked on “Improvements”. Usually I would have missed a days work doing this. Kids would have missed a day of school. Plus with it only an hour away, I got to sleep in my own bed.

Hope they find a few more seats. It is going to be packed. If they open the upstairs track up, that could add a very interestig dynamic to the cheering.