Kettering Event HUGE thanks

Team 2959 would like to thank all the teams that helped us today. As anyone there can attest to; today was not our day. Our robot has not been in competition since St Louis and it showed. We had a series of catastrophes and no backup parts to fix them. Our pump went out first which killed our bot. We thought we had a backup pump, but apparently we changed it out at some point and didn’t have one.

The Tech Vikes(2054) heard and immediately offered us their spare pumps. We were trying to figure out how to get this slightly larger pump installed into our robot when the announcer struck. He said "If anyone has an extra pump, Team 2959 could really use one. Immediately the team next to us opened their toolbox (I cannot remember their number, but we really appreciate it). Then Team 302 showed up with the identical pump to our old one. We got it installed just in time to make game time.

Then our gear box for the shooter (forgive me if my technical descriptions suck, I am the website/data collection mentor). We ended up playing a match as a defensive bot. Our drive team did their best, but we are a cycler, pure and simple.

Now this is where Gracious Professionalism really comes into it. Team 2337 the Enginerds came over and lent us another gear box. It wasn’t quite the same, but it would let us go full. We couldn’t adjust our shooting speed, but we could shoot. The thing that makes this such a cool thing for them to do is that our next match was against them and our partner that match was 302 who gave us our pump.

Our robot finally got into ok shape to be selected by the fifth seed alliance. We made a decent showing of ourselves thanks to the gracious professionalism of the teams there. Our accuracy was off, our bot was shaking, but we made it through our matches.

We will be ordering our parts and tuning up our bot. We will be in Zeeland and looking for other teams to pay back for their kindness.