Kettering Kickoff 2008

The 9th annual Kettering Kickoff will be held on September 20, 2008. The registration fee will remain the same for this year and if paid by June 30 will be only $300. After June 30 it will be $350. Contact

We are looking for some volunteers for the 2008 Kettering Kickoff. It will be held on September 20th. Anybody who has ever attended the Kickoff knows what a quaility event it really is. If you are in the area and want to help out, contact me here and I will find you a job.

This year we will have 40 teams and the last I looked we had 39 signed up already :ahh: . So if you plan on coming you better hurry! :smiley:

I hope this event will be just great…
With the IRI champs 67 being there and hoply World Champ Thunderchickens 217 should make everything just groovy…
The only sad thing is the me being the current driver for the team (326), i will be unable to attend because of already planned events…
This being my only chance to particpate its very heartbreaking…
But I hope you guys put up a good show…

Would you have room for our team, Team 2171. Please let me know. We would like to come. Just got home from IRI and and had a great time. I was the mentor on the field with the team. I believe I shook your hand. Please let me know.


Vince Fleszewski

As far as I know there is one spot left (39 teams registered of 40):

Kettering Kickoff Registration -


Thanks, I just filled out the application.


Added you to the list and have started a waiting list.


It is so great that this wonderful event is filled out so far in advance. Please though if you still want to attend get on the waiting list. You never know if somebody will drop out at the last minute.

Hi all!

What’s the status on the waiting list on the moment if I might ask? (:

We just expanded it to 42 teams. I know that we have at least 41.

Any chance this will be web cast? Might be a good time to try if this is going to be a district next year.

I also am interested in a webcast

I highly doubt that the event will be web cast, but I am hoping to get videos of all of the matches to post online.


I am unaware of any plans to webcast the event.

So for anyone interested in a webcast, I may have the next best thing!

Well, not really, but if it works out, we are going to be broadcasting live match feed via iPhone and Qik cam.

For updates on when feeds are starting go to

Bear with us, because this is in no way a tested setup, so if you’re interested, watch the above twitter page for updates.

Anybody have an update on the results from Kettering Kickoff?

Teams 67, 910 and 2619 (subbing for 1075) defeated 27, 322 and 397 2-0 including an amazing 186-134 match.

The 910, 67, 2619 alliance won, 27, 397, 322 took second.

Ed beat me to it…

And yea, those matches were AWESOME best matches Ive participated in all year. Plus, the team Im from partnered with the team im mentoring at my school!

Everyone did a GREAT job, congrats to 910, 67, and 2619! That was an amazing match, I can’t believe how intense it was.

Thanks for the update. I couldn’t be there and I have not heard from my team yet to see how things went.