Kettering Kickoff 2019

My team was just added to the Kettering Kickoff attendee list, and it is our first time going. Do you have any tips for first timers like us? We’ll also be redesigning our robot so we can actually score.

Think MSC lite.
Prepare to stay late (like 8 or 9pm).

Most teams are using new drivers unless their driver from the previous season has not graduated. It’s a little more chill then your average official competition, but it probably is the off-season taken the most seriously in MI.

It’s a great chance to get a look at robots you weren’t able to see during the season and get to talk to some people who sometimes are too busy during the official season.

Overall just go into it looking to learn as much as possible and have fun!

Yeah, my team went last year and is going this year, and last year we had new people drive and the drivers still there drive coach, except for finals where we then switched to the experienced drivers. It was a very enjoyable event, and as previously mentioned, is a good place to meet people who are a lot less busy then at regular competitions. As it is in September, you can also use it to show people new to the team or interested in joining the team what FRC is like.