Kettering Kickoff Attendees - Please Read

To all Kettering Kickoff Attendees:
At this year’s event, we will be testing a new system known as EventLink, which will provide real-time event information directly to the teams over a specially configured network. The system is still under development, but attached to this post is a screen shot of the main information screen as it is now. If you are interested in using this system, the following requirements apply:
-laptop running Windows 2000 or Windows XP
-Functioning wireless network adaptor, using either 802.11b or 802.11g protocol.
-Windows Installer 3.1 preinstalled (will also be available on site, but please pre-install from to save on network traffic on site.)

More information will be available the morning of the event on site.

Nate Smith
Kettering Kickoff 2005
Scoring/Field Control Team Leader
EventLink Developer

DISCLAIMER: At this point, EventLink is still a “work in progress.” No guarantees are being made as to the availability of the service, or which features it will include. Unforseen circumstances may prevent us from deploying the system as planned. If it appears that this will be the case, a post will be made in this thread as soon as possible. This post is only meant to make attending teams aware of the availability of such a system, and allow them to plan accordingly when preparing for the event. Also, due to the nature of 802.11 wireless communication, the service may not be available in all areas of the venue. No guarantees are made as to 100% coverage inside the venue. The wireless access point will be located at the scoring table near the field. If anyone attending has access to a 802.11 repeater that they would be willing to provide to ensure access in the pit area, please contact me at [email protected] (not using the e-mail button here, that goes to my gMail account) as soon as possible. The main access point(for compatibility purposes) will be a D-Link DI-524.

Will this system work on a Pocket PC - say a Dell Axim or HP running windows CE that has a wireless built in?

What about a tablet PC running the modified Windows Xp - edition for tablet PC?

What will be available?
Just Staging and match line-ups?

the language I am using supports Pocket PC, however, the ClickOnce deployment method does not. I can look into providing the option for a Pocket PC version of the installer. As I have not worked with Pocket PC recently, does it allow for installs without a PC attached(I’m thinking about a link on a web page that will download the necessary cab file straight to the Pocket PC to install the program)?

XP Tablet should run the system without any problems. I am not aware of any issues between XP Tablet edition and .NET Framework 2.0 or ClickOnce.

As it stands now, the feature list includes the following:
-Match scheduling info(as seen in the screenshot)
-“Match Alerts” - notification x min/matches prior to a scheduled match
-Current rankings information
-“Field Watch” - not sure if this is going to be there(need to perform more testing to see if the data is available), but a mirror of the real time scoring on the big screen
-Messaging client - not for between users(sorry), but a way for us to broadcast a message to all clients (“Opening ceremonies in x minutes…”, “Alliance selection is NOW”, etc)

Keep in mind that this feature list is for the Windows client version. A Pocket PC version, if any, may not have some of these features.

Nate, I am looking at this as something you’re doing only at kettering kickoff correct? Or are you also thinking as having uploaded/streamed to an online location? I have resources that would be able to do this for you. Would this be something you would run at other events would have people you could train to use?


You are correct in assuming that this is a kettering-only system. It relies on a direct connection to the underlying server upon which the scoring system runs. I can not guarantee an internet connection at kettering at this time, and therefore can not design for a globally available system.

From what I’ve been told, FIRST might implement a system similar in function to this next year, anyways. :wink: