Kettering Kickoff Day 1 & 2 Competitions This Weekend - Shoutcasting Playoffs Check out two competitions this weekend with Kettering Kickoff Days 1 & 2 with some of the best teams in Michigan and around! With shoutcasting during the playoffs with match breakdowns and instant replay.

Saturday Team List and Results: Kettering Kickoff - Day 1 (2022) - The Blue Alliance
Sunday Team List and Results: Kettering Kickoff - Day 2 (2022) - The Blue Alliance



We’re on the second half of day 1 at

Note: TBA doesn’t seem to be updating on desktop but is fine on mobile apps.


Good coverage and Tyler and Steve did a good job analyzing the matches in playoffs

Thanks for the awesome content today! It was so fun having you guys out

Thank you and congrats on your team’s success!

The Day 2 competition is entering it’s post lunch qualification matches and playoffs. Come join us during playoffs for our FUN desk with commentary, replays and channel points predictions