Kettering Kickoff FILLS with 36 Teams

Latest Kettering Kickoff Information with List of Teams

I think we can safely say that this event it going to be awesome! I cant wait!!

Hey you can see me in that picture :stuck_out_tongue:

Does anyone know of any proposed rule changes for Kettering? i.e. lessened ramp bonuses or an auton bonus ala IRI?

WOW… that’s a pretty good group of teams… webcast?

That would be pretty cool to have it webcasted. I can’t wait till Kettering Kickoff. Its always fun. With a team list like that its going to be great!!!

Is there a website or contact information for volunteering yet?

I will ask at the meeting today about the web cast. You can contact Kim about volunteering @ [email protected]

The floor plan is @

never been to kettering. just looked at pit layout. i see no power in pits. is there a machine shop or just where we plug our own tools in when needed? thanks.

Normally there is not any power in the pits. Your batteries and drill chargers will be plugged in by the loading dock area. Which is about 75 ft from the field if that. This event looks like it is going to be very competitive and fun. See everyone there.

This looks like it’s going to be a good competition. Maybe not quite as intense as IRI but still a lot of good teams going. It should prove challenging. Not to mention we can’t turn down another chance to double keep during a full match. I’d like to know the same as GeeForce though. Are there going to be rule changes at Kettering?

No power in the pits except tables at one end for lap tops. The floor is for basket ball and metal shavings would do it harm but you can machine items in the charging area. If some one would like to bring a trailer with machining in it we would love to have you. Contact [email protected] for any information regarding Kettering Kick off or me and I can forward it to the committe [email protected] This is our largest event yet and we always have lots of fun. You can also tour Kettering University If you would like.

Ther are some rule changes that the committe has talked about but are still in discussion.

The following rule changes for the Kettering Kick Off.

The committee approved the rules changes as amended below…

Re-scoring on a spider leg that had a Ringer removed
INTENT: If a Ringer is removed and the Leg is scored again by the same color Ringer, the Leg will count as scored for that alliance.
Instead of being called “null” and “negated” as defined in <G15>, this leg will count for that color. Removing Ringer penalties still apply. If a Ringer is removed and later a Ringer of the opposite color is placed on the same spider leg, that leg will be scored for the color of the removed Ringer. A Spoiler would negate either condition. (Approved as-is.)

Robots can touch and be supported, but not totally supported, by Ringers, the players station wall, field side rails, or any other field piece and still receive bonus lift point.
Alliance Selection – 2nd and 3rd rounds
The alliance selection process will be as such:

Round 1: 1st seed, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th, 7th, 8th
Round 2: 1st seed, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th, 7th, 8th
Round 3: 8th seed, 7th, 6th, 5th, 4th, 3rd, 2nd, 1st (Deleted)

So no bonus for autonomous? correct?

From What I have read nothing was mentioned about atonomous scoreing change

wow, 36 teams. does this make kettering second only to iri, or are there bigger off season events out there? won’t be long till this becomes , “MRI”.

This is the most teams that we have had and if the size works out, next year we will add more teams. We want to make it the best experence for our teams so they will return next year. We have also add more seating. If anybody has issues , problems or praise please let Kettering know by contacting [email protected] . We have had a great response for volunteers and this looks to be our best year ever.

Battlecry has 48 teams.

Sorry if this has been posted already but I didn’t see it. Does anyone know whn the pits are going to open?

7:00 AM pits open
I believe opening ceromonies are at 8:00

See everybody there!

What? Don’t like us ramp/defense bots or something? :rolleyes:

From my experience, I’ve noticed that the Kettering Kickoff has had a tendency not to change any of the major scoring rules or bonuses.

I do hope, if they plan on not doing serpentine draft as joeweber mentioned, they at least don’t pit teams 1 and 8 against each other right away, they did that at IRI and it was essentially the strongest alliance VS the weakest alliance = Almost no chance of alliance 8 winning. :o