Kettering Kickoff XV

Kettering Kickoff XV 2014 was the biggest ever, and also lived up to the long legacy of being a great fall season opener.

48 team attended this year, making it the largest Kettering Kickoff ever.
Pink Goal Lights were a nice touch!
The event staff were awesome, and they ran the event very well, in keeping with the high standards set by all FiM events.
Great job by the Jenkins, the Greens, the Bonczyks, Koko Ed, Eric, Oliver, Mac, Howie, and everyone else who put this tournament on. It was great.

Thanks to 314 for picking the Killer Bees. We won the State Championship together in April and it was great to play with your team again.
Thanks to 1506 for joining us. Your team was the perfect complement to our winning alliance. Your new facility at Kettering U is awesome and we look forward to great things from your team in the future.

Great job 2137, 245, 2054. You guys were the #7 alliance and almost took the whole thing. You had a great strategy and were a serious threat. Great team work.

Back to back wins 2013 & 2014 at the Kettering Kickoff for the Killer Bees.
Five KK wins in 15 years. We have been to every one of these Kettering tournaments since they began in 2000.

Today, September 20, 2014, officially marks the start of year #20 for the Killer Bees Robotics team.
Winning today was a great way to kick off a new decade of success for our team.
We have an 18 pound bronze bulldog to mark the occasion :).

We love playing with you guys too! Looking forward to having many more KK’s in the future.