Kettering University Ri3D

Kettering University was kind enough to provide a venue for current students to build a robot in 3 days for the 2016 FRC game Stronghold.

Videos are posted on the Kettering University youtube channel. The direct links are provided below. Don’t mind our video editing, videos were mostly just strung together to show what we have accomplished so far.

More videos of the robot functioning under its own power will be uploaded in the near future.

I think your approach is actually pretty awesome. Everyone I talk to seems hell-bent on using pneumatic wheels, when in reality some tweaks in geometry is all you need. I’d recommend some skids on the bottom of the robot to prevent bottoming out and attack some of the taller obstacles with more lateral acceleration. Can’t wait to see the robot powered up!

Video #4 was posted showing our catapult testing where we tried many different angles and tensions to tune in the shot.

Video #5 should be posted sometime today or tomorrow with our finished robot and testing video that was taken yesterday evening.

Our final video was uploaded recently showcasing the final robot design. Please let us know if you have any questions on the functions or decisions made while building it. The video took longer than expected to get through the media department.

Uncut Video:

My personal edit:

Yes there is a goal between the two posts in the shooting clips. Its just out of view. :rolleyes: