Kettering volunteer info needed!

I’m currently listed as a Robot Inspector for Kettering District #1. On VIMS, the assignment lists 6:00AM to 10:00PM on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday. 6:00AM seems absurd since teams don’t even enter the pits until 5:00PM. I emailed the volunteer coordinator for the event this morning and have had no response. Does anyone who’s volunteering at Kettering #1 know when I should actually arrive?

I am also a volunteer there this weekend and I received an email saying that on Friday and Saturday volunteers should be getting there around 7:30am, and on Thursday volunteers should get there around 4:15pm or as soon as possible.

VIMS shows general volunteer hours, and usually not specific to your position.

According to the schedule, pits open at 5:00 pm on Thursday. It doesn’t say when Load In happens.

If I was an RI at the event, I would plan to be there 1 hour before Load-in (any last minute wisdom from the LRI), and 30 minutes before subsequent Pits Open. If they serve breakfast, then allow time for that.

Plan on staying a little after Pits Close. On Load-in day, stay another hour or two after the end of load-in to clear robots to be unbagged.

Thanks! Out of curiosity, when did you receive this e-mail? I never got anything after a notification that I was assigned the position of inspector.

Edit: Found the e-mail in my spam box.

Oh yeah, that would be the thing to do it. Gotta love the emailing system. Anyway, I’m sure I’ll see you on Saturday!

One of the benefits of volunteering is getting to come early and stay late. On the full days you may even get some breakfast, plus signing in, getting your coat off, talk with your group head, etc, all of which happens the hour before the doors open for teams.

On the first day (load in day), there are the people to build the field, set up pits, get ready for everything. 6 am may be a bit early, so it “all depends”. VIMS just has the standard schedule.