Kevin Trimble

I just received word that Kevin Trimble,a past member of FRC team 1304 (New Orleans Charter Math and Science High School) has been severely wounded in Afganistan. Losing both legs and likely an arm due to an IED.

Kevin participated in the school’s Robotics team for three years, working on the team that designed, built and operated the Team’s Robot, “Bruce”, in the regional competitions at the Bayou Regional (2007, 2008) and at the Peachtree Regional (2009.)

He is facing a future far different than what he had envisioned, and his parents are asking that letters of encouragement be sent to Kevin at their home address:

Kevin Trimble
6965 Mayo Blvd
New Orleans, LA 70126

I nominate Kevin Trimble as an Unsung First Hero (UFH).

I second it.