Kevin Watson and programming VEX in MPLAB

Who has programmed a VEX in MPLAB using Kevin’s code? I am currently looking at the gyro code and wondering how Kevin’s code works on a VEX.

Open up the vex source code, and import kevinsfile.c and kevinsfile.h. Follow the setup procedure in the documentation. It should “just work.”

Make sure you include the old pic headers (pic8250.h) if you are using 2006 code.

Thanks. Have you done it?

I don’t see kevinsfile.c or h on his page.

Where do I find that?

Heh, he means the project code that you want to use. Eg: gyro.c/h, encoder.c/h, etc.

OK that is what i am doing. putting in the gyro code was OK, but it had ADC.C dependencies and that was more complicated, so I wanted to make sure that it was OK before i did it.