Key for EasyCPRO

I would like to prepair my team for this years competiton by working on the program for last years robot.

We recieved a program easyCPRO in last years kit of parts but cannot find the key required to use it.

Does anyone know where the key was or what it is.

I know it is possible to program with a text editor and a free compiler if you are experienced.

Since we have returning members we have no experience we need a program with a tutorial and easy CPRO seems to meet our requirements.

Contact Jessica Boucher at Intelitek.

The bad news is that EasyC Pro will not be useful programming the cRIO.

I’ve got a hunch she may be unavailable for a little while. But yes, Intelitek would be able to give you the key.

And I would actually recommend getting a book on C++ programming and working through it, or taking a class in it, as a supplement to EasyC Pro. There are differences between C and C++, though subtle. So EasyC can teach you C and give you a look at the structure, and a C++ tutorial should help transfer the knowledge of structure to C++.

Also, Labview is available for FRC teams to learn, see to learn a little more about that. As kapiron said, easyC will not be useful for programming the new controller, labview would be. However, if you have a Vex kit easyC will let you program that.

And welcome to Chief Delphi.

Nope - I’m back at work! Andy & I came back early to setup for RiverRage.

But, you can also always email, which is checked by the whole support team. I’ll be happy to find your CD Key if you can send me your team number.


Jessica, I hereby dub thee addicted to FIRST. I know I’m a little late in doing so ((Join the parade)), but I thought you should know.

When you are ready, remember that we all love you and want to help you.