key to getting grants

We were fortunate to have a hi priced xpert give us advice for free.The most imortant thing he told us was …all companies open request for grants at ONE time (your Request goes in a big box till then unopened).So you need to call and say “when do you review requests for grants ???note that date and send your request out 2 weeks before that date .Then call in 2 weeks and ask"do you have enuf info can we supply more?”
Then the next date is the awards date it may occur in 2 weeks or 2 months.Call a week before and ask “are we under consideration and do you need any more data???”
So you see grant activity is a perpetual activity not …lets send a bunch if letters out this week and see what comes back…doesnt work that way.Some ppl must be on the phone or e mail all year long tracking the requests .
If you take a vid of your club to the company with your bot and do show n tell in the caf you can open all kinds of opportunities.Try it… it works for us.Leaving your bott on display in the lobby allways works… then send the request for grant in a week after.Provide a summary chart listing club expenses ppl freak out when i tell them registration is 5 k bux.In the request tell them what you are doing with the money …where will it go ???
Hope this helps . :ahh:

be aggressive but don’t be pushy. if they give you the run around, don’t give up. many times you’d be surprised how much persistance can help your cause…


We sent a bunch of letters out to lots of companies .i was calling one company to ask if they got the letter but allways got the ans machine.No reply…i called again …no reply i called 5 feakin times and finally the lady responsible for grants answered and said she was sorry she was traveling then was sick for 2 weeks and didnt have time to read my letter.Then she said …let me look at it “opens drawer screech” “tears envelope open"loud tear” then says …i think we can help you Jim.I replied we have a community parade tomorrow and want to put your company name and logo on our banner .She said i will e mail you our logo and we will be sending you a $5,000 grant …I could have given up after the second call but didnt.The check arrived 2 days before registration and we had $500 in the bank we came in 4th in a field of 44.

Would be nice if someone out there collected the ideas and put them in a white paper titled FUNDRAISING 101…i dont have the time .:o