Keyboard controls for Robot?

Hi! We want to use some arcade buttons that will be recognized by the computer as a keyboard to control things like autonomous programs and LED colors. I was wondering how I would go about getting the keyboard recognized by the driver station so I could send commands through our buttons? Thanks a bunch in advance!

You could write a custom dashboard that would read the input data from the device, and write the data out via networktables.

I’m not sure why you want it to think its a keyboard, but that doesn’t sound entirely necessary to me for what you’re doing. If it is in fact necessary, ignore my response.

Theres this thing you got in your kit of parts this year called the TI launchpad, its in a little red box. Once you choose a firmware model for it, you can wire your buttons up to it, and it’ll act like any other joystick or controller you would plug into your driver station. We haven’t got our operator console up and running yet, but we’ve done some preliminary tests and the thing works great. Its really easy to wire and is recognized by the driver station like any other controller. We haven’t tried programming for it yet, but as it behaves just like a Joystick, I’m almost certain it will be easy. Make sure you use 3.3v for all input devices(switches, buttons, pots) or the board makes smoke and you blow out a channel.

That is exactly what I was looking for! Thanks so much!