keyboard in cRio project

last year, our programmer, who graduated, programmed the robot to disable if the spacebar is pressed (someone broke the stop button). I know that you can’t use keyboard inputs, so how did he do this?

He didn’t program it. It’s built into the driver station.

The 2010 and 2011 Driver Station software accepted the F1 key to enable the robot and the space bar to disable. Control-Alt-Enter was what the USB Stop button produced, and it was recognized as the Emergency Stop command.

For 2012, the USB Stop button is no longer used with the Driver Station, and the space bar will do the Emergency Stop. The Enter key takes its place as the disable command. It takes a little training to remember not to press the space bar to disable the robot.

That’s good to know, thanks for mentioning that. For some reason, I feel we’d miss that bit of information and spend way more time that I’d like re-discovering the correct keyboard shortcuts.

oh ok. That helps a lot. So there is no way to have it recognize other keypresses, right?

At this point, the driver station doesn’t do anything with the keyboard except for the three keys mentioned:
F1 enumerates the joysticks again and tries to enable the robot
Space estops the robot, older versions disabled
Enter disables the robot, older versions did nothing

If you wish to use other keys, you can do it with the dashboard, and have the dashboard send messages to the robot. What is it you had in mind? Is it easier or better to do this with a game controller or joystick?

Greg McKaskle

well there is nothing in mind specifically, i was just wondering in case it came up somewhere, so i had the knowledge about it. there is something that i could use it for possibly now that i think about it. How would you put it into dashboard? is it the same as a standard vi?

See on Dashboard Customization