keyboard shortcuts

Hey, Anybody know the keyboard shortcuts for maximize and minimize in windows?
Any other arcane shortcuts that i may or may not know are welcome too, they might benefit other readers of this thread.

To minimize all windows, hit [windowkey] + [m]

I’m not sure how “not known” this one is, but I saw it on TV a few weeks ago. Normally to take a screenshot of your desktop you just press “PrtSc” (Print Screen). To take just a screenshot of your top-most or active window press “Alt + PrtSc”.


win+f = search files/folders
win+u = Utility Manager (turn on the narator :D)
crtl+shift+esc=Opens Task Manager
win+e=Opens My computer

Those are the only Windows only commands that I can remember.


If you are trying to find a way to switch between windows without using the mouse, instead of minimizing and maximizing, just hold down ALT and keep pressing TAB until you get the window you want. Then, let go of the ALT key to bring that window to the front.

Ctrl+Enter will put the http://www. and .com around anything you type in the IE address bar and then it will take you there. I use it all the time. I don’t know if there’s a command for .net or .org or any other extensions.

“alt” + “F4” will close the most recently opened program(s). This also works well for pop up ads.
Another thing you could do is click on “help” at the top of a program and type in “keyboard shortcut” and click “search” and you can get a list of keyboard shortcuts. You can even print them out to keep them handy. I just tried this with Excel to see if it would work and it did. Just keep in mind that some of the shortcuts might differ from program to program.

on aim or msn hitting ESC will close the conversation window …

Windows XP Users:
Click Start
Click Help and Support
Click Accessibility
Click Windows keyboard shortcuts overview

Tab + Alt = switch window
ctrl + c = copy
ctrl + v = paste

in IE:
backspace or alt+left = back
alt+right = forward
tab = next field
shift+tab = last field

in word (or most text editing things (including text boxes and such))
ctrl+right = next word
ctrl+left = last word
ctrl+up = last paragraph
ctrl+down = next

oh, i just found this

that just about covers everything. oh well.

win+l = logout/switch-user on xp
win+r = run

While holding the ALT key, press the space bar, then hit ‘n’ to minimize or ‘x’ to maximize.

ALT+F4 always seem to come in handy for me…hmmmmmm…

but they want to minimize, not totally close the application.

I know this was already indirectly stated.

[MS Natural Keyboard]
Win+R Run dialog
Win+M Minimize All
Shift-Win+M Undo Minimize All
Win+F1 Windows Help
Win+E Explorer
Win+F Find Files or Folders
CTRL+Win+F Find Computer
Win+Tab Cycle through taskbar buttons
Win+Break PSS Hotkey… (System properties)

I think this answers the question.

ctrl + scroll the mouse wheel changes the font size in Internet Explorer (works for most web pages, but not all)

shift+scrolling the mouse in a webpage is like hitting the back or forward button (depending on which way you scroll)