Keyframing iiko head, torso and pelvis

I know how to keyframe the CTRL’s on the iiko (the blue circle things) but I was trying to keyframe the head and torso turning using the YELLOW CIRCLES but using autokey and set key was not working. I already have the animation layer on it and everything, but I need this for my assigned scene. Please help, and soon! We have 7days, 7hrs, 11mins and 18secs and counting!

  1. Click on the “Motion” tab
  2. Select the base triangle at the bottom of the iiKo
  3. In the “Layer Manager” click and hold the “Add Layer” button and select the top choice “Abs”
  4. It’s probably a good idea to name this layer you just created
  5. Push the "Setup/animation mode toggle button (it looks like a round ‘stop’ control button and after you click it, it looks like a ‘play’ button)
  6. Turn on “Auto Key”
  7. Select the “Select and Rotate” tool
  8. You should be all set


I wish they would have made this a bit easier since im just a rookie, i have to leave the animating to the older members, he…

Same here, except I have no mentors that specialize in animation and I’m the only one doing anything with the animation. Then again, this is also why I chose to not include the iiko, although I did figure out how to use some of the preset poses on him. But combining that with other stuff is a different thing entirely.

thank you guys, i had keyframed the yellow circles on another iiko, but it worked when i re-merged the iiko in my scene, our school’s crappy computers just fail sometimes. haha