Kick Off A' Comin'

sniff sniff

Smell that? It’s that scent. That scent that only a select few can know: the scent of a brand new FRC Build Season on the brink of arriving! Ah, I can hear it now, the countless ideas, the saws, the drills, the Mountain Dew cans popping open!

It’s almost time to say goodnight to sleep and rack our minds to think of ways to do whatever the GDC throws at us. I for one can’t wait!

Hope everyone has a great season and good luck, we’ll all need it.

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FIRST est notre vie … nous attendons l’annonce

Ah, yes, it’s a robotics person’s New Year’s and Christmas, all rolled up in one day. My friends and I have to be quiet in our physics class this week, because we sure won’t be for the next 6 weeks. Ok, we probably won’t be quiet until after Championships, but still.

AHHHHHHHHHH I love the smell of a upcoming FRC build season in the morning. The sleepless night; the drills; welding; cutting of metal. I wait all yr. for this.

Don’t we all lol :]

or the smell of solder at 7:oo am I CAN’T WAIT! 3 days 0 hours 58 minutes!

Magic Smoke. One whiff and you never forget.

magic smoke is something you never forget lol

Uh oh, don’t get ahead of yourself… :wink:

Yum I love the smell of napalm in the morning. Oh wait that’s against the rules, make that the smell of silicone smoking over a hot labview. :smiley:

We’ll be makin’ up new robots when it comes,
We’ll be lookin’ at design specs when it comes,
We’ll be analyzing the fields with the game pieces that it wields,
We’ll be makin’ up new robots when it comes.



For our team it’s root beer. Every day.

And water bottles for us. The bonuses? Better hydration, and bottle cap rockets. We do have safety rules regarding that, too. ::safety::

What brand? Most have no caffeine (Barq’s is a notable exception), and I’ve never heard of a serious programmer who would choose root beer over Mountain Dew.

I’ve never heard of a serious programmer. :yikes:

They are out there. Its just that they can be serious only when troubleshooting a program. :slight_smile:


I still have no idea how it happened, but at one meeting all the Shaker Robotics students drank coffee and all the mentors drank Monster. :eek:

But the fun of sleep deprivation os far greater than the energy of caffeine! I can’t wait! Somehow, the idea of stress, sleep deprivation and redesigning a subsystem is fun…we must be some crazy people :slight_smile: