Kick off animation

does any one know if I could put the game Animation, and video of the kick off on my website. I already have the video, I just need to know who I talk to, to get permission.

Share away, with proper credit.


If you took the video yourself you shouldn’t have to ask for permission unless they told you not to record things. As for the animation - I don’t think Dave would have a problem with it. His name is dlavery on the forum. He’s the guy that made it (unless I’m totally mistaken) so you can PM him and see if he’s ok with that.

You may copy the animation to your website and show it there, as long as appropriate credit is given (i.e. leave the credits in at the end of the animation).

FIRST teams may show and display the animation without restriction, for the purposes of promoting their team, FIRST, good clean fun, and the ingestion of prunes.

The animation is copyrighted material (FIRST did not produce the animation, I did). FIRST teams have been given permission to reproduce and display the animation, but they can not modify it without my explicit permission.