Kick off Rules explaination help

Hi guys,

I’ve volunteered to help the 2007 Israel FLL Kickoff with the preperations, such as registartion, setting up the example game fields, giving out kits to teams, etc…
I’ve been (unofficialy, for now) asked if I could help also by explaining the game and the rules for teams at the example game fields.

Now, I’ve personaly translated the rules and a few other FLL documents, so I’m quite familiar with this year’s challenge, but I’d like to be confident that I’ll be able to assist any team that will have questions about the game.

I’ve seen a few vids, some from competitions(there were some, right?) and other kickoffs on Youtube and I’ve read the Q&As of the offical FLL site.

If you could pin-point me to good resources about the rules and others related to this year’s challenge, I’d really appriciate it.

Also, a few personnal questions that I have:
note answered one of my own questions and presented it anyway, to help any other teams that might have that same question.

  1. The Wave Turbine: There’s always that confusion about that 2 parts moving independetly from eachother. Can it be that one part of the whole can move on it’s own, without moving the whole or any other part in the whole or being moved by them, and the same thing with the other part? Or just that one part can move, and the other doesn’t necessarly have to move, and when the other part will move, the one part doesn’t necessarly have to move?

Sounds confusing, I know. It’d be great if you could give me some sort of example (real life possibly) of such a thing.

2)Wind Turbines:“Place Wind Turbines so they are TOUCHING any white area not directly outside Base.” So they need to be touching white outside of the base, plain and simple?
Areas 5,8 and 11 are directly outside, so you want to put the wind turbines NOT in those areas.

3)QA35 on official FLL site says there’s a problem with the corn processing mission, because an oil barrel must be placed in the farm, but you lose points if the oil touches the farm. Where is there a house in the farm? And if there really is a house there, then how exactly can I put the oil barrel in the farm or just to make it count that I brought it there?

4)QA49 on official FLL site mentions an oil barrel on the truck? Is that legeal?

Thanks for the help!:smiley:

The only place for those resources that I know of IS the official site. CD is the only other place (though I think there is an FLL forum somewhere; I’ve never found it).

Re-read Q&A. Specifically, QA16, QA61, and QA73.

Read QA36. If it isn’t touching the mat…

Read the Field Setup for the Truck.

Even in FLL, it does help to read the manual and Q&A thoroughly! (I’m not even a competitor or volunteer this year–nothing within range.)

[edit]And, for the record, the game is aptly named. I’m still puzzled about some aspects of the scoring…

As usual, RT#M(hope wasn’t too harsh :X ).
Thanks for the help.

What’s harsh about “Read The First Manual” now, eh?