Kick Off


We’re excited for kick-off.
What should we bring (assuming the normal things like a notebook, team roster, etc.) anything to help load/unload materials, or anything I may not be thinking of? Also, if students completed consent forms online, do they still need any paper forms?

Are you attending the Montgomery local kickoff, or a different one? Oh and 303 cant wait to meet 6015 at Mt. Olive and at Bridgewater!

As long as your students signed the release form online they don’t need to bring the paper copies. However you do need to bring the printout from TIMS with all of your team members and mentors names on it.

Also remember that if you will be getting your kit of parts at the kickoff event you need to plan to move it from the site. I believe there was an email blast sent from FIRST yesterday with the dimensions of the kit of parts so you can plan accordingly.

I’m bring a notebook and things to write with, my roster, and lot of patience.

Have students bring charged phones, battery backups, and chargers as they will most likely be using their phones a lot. (for the bus, for before the stream, and for the manual). I usually bring my laptop along with a flash drive with the manual on it. A Notebook is a good idea along with some pens and mechanical pencils for sketching.

Also definitely bring a hand truck or dolly with a rope so you don’t throw your back out. This year the tote is only 48 pounds but, it is still a little heavy to bring around.

Also bring a camera documentation of everything throughout the season is never a bad idea.