Kicking multiple balls?

hay would is it llowed to kick/ nock more than one ball in at a time?

assuming you could do so without possessing the ball. I would think so. Can anyone else confirm?

I’m not sure if it would count as possession because you are controlling the “orientation” of 2+ balls.

It is a questionable thing. It is tied also to hurding and trying to move multiple balls with your bumper. It may just come to a point that you have to see if it is legal just to push one ball that is pushing another. If that is legal, they you just have to be carful driving, but if you mean like attempt to dribble multiple balls at a time ( kick one, then kick another, then kick the first one and so on) and have only one ball in possesion/contact with your bot, then that seems to be very legal and possible way of moving multiple balls at a given time with only haveing one in contact/possesion of your bot.

no in the rules it states you can only posses one ball at a time

As long as you do not have to possess both balls to do so you can.

The way I read the definitions, herding is not POSSESSING, since if you back up, the ball does not stay in the same position relative to your bot. So, if that is true, you could possess one ball, and herd as many as you like.

If your scoring method does not require possessing the ball, you could then score as many as you like.