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**LIVE Kickoff Coverage!
Kickoff LIVE Dashboard!

This year, The Blue Alliance is providing LIVE coverage of the Kickoff Event from Manchester. Tune into this thread before, during, and following the webcast to find up-to-the-minute information about what is going on in Manchester. We’ll be posting photos, videos, and descriptions of what’s going on at Kickoff. Be sure to check it out for high resolution photos of the game elements and field, as well as video showing how the game elements behave and our other coverage of the event!

Our LIVE Kickoff Dashboard features the NASA TV Webcast, our LIVE Flickr Photos, our LIVE video clips we’ll be uploading from the event, and our LIVE Twitter commentary feed. Check out the Kickoff LIVE Dashboard for your one-stop site for Kickoff coverage. Everything on the page AJAX refreshes, so you never need to refresh the page, it auto-reloads!

Kickoff LIVE Dashboard
The LIVE Dashboard features the webcase, LIVE photos, LIVE video clips, and LIVE commentary that also will appear in this thread.

Note: All times are EDT (GMT -5)

The Live Coverage Starts Here:

12:21 PM - Posted the game logo to flickr feed. Interviewing Woodie soon.
12:07 PM - Just interviewd Paul Gudonis; Waiting for Woody before posting photos
12:05 PM - The decryption key is: Drive!Straight?turn!LEFT!?
11:41 AM - We’re going to interview Paul and Woodie now. Stay tuned for those videos.
11:33 AM - We want onboard Metallica!
11:29 AM - We’re totally digging the use of video during Kickoff. Everything looks really great.
11:29 AM - What a crazy game! We’re going to have to see the rules documents to totally understand it.
11:23 AM - It’s a race! This game is shaping up to be quite unlike anything FIRST has seen before!
11:19 AM - The game! The game!
11:17 AM - Woodie speaks words of wisdom.
11:09 AM - Driving and turning left?! Overdrive? Copley Square? How does it all fit together?
11:00 AM - Dave we’re loving the photos of you! And congrats on the Mars Rovers!
10:47 AM - Dave’s demo looks really cool, we think he’s up next!
10:36 AM - Dean Game Hint #4?
10:35 AM - Dean is talking now, and the fixed videos are up. We’re excited to see the game soon!
09:27 AM - We’re uploading our first video! See game predictions from people here at Kickoff.
08:24 AM - We’re live on scene! Stay tuned to the Flickr Photo Feed for pictures from inside Kickoff!
07:04 AM - We’re just getting up and getting ready for Kickoff. It is COLD in Manchester!
11:56 PM - We found a potential problem where we might have gotten overloaded tomorrow. We changed the twitter feed to cache on our site, and anticipate no problems!
03:14 PM - Testing out our updating scripts and getting ready to drive up to Manchester!

Looking good guys. Can’t wait!

You guys do so much for the FIRST community. Thanks so much.

I have to say i really like the layout. I’m definitely keeping up with it tomorrow during kickoff.


Thanks so much. FIRST wouldn’t be the same with out you guys.

thanks, Vivek

Looks FIRSTasticalawesomethingreat!!! You guys rock. I’ll be at the Cleveland satellite and as far as I know, won’t have any wireless access there. But I’ll let the rest of the team know about it for those who aren’t going.

Just to let people know who don’t already

There is a 1200kbps stream of NASA TV available through yahoo at

Compared to the 500 and 300kbps streams, this is crystal clear and in higher resolution(640x480)

Thanks! I added a link to this to the other streams on the dashboard!

The Nasa TV - Kickoff Webcast wont play for me today!!
I also cannot view any of the TV links on
however the “high res Feed” works today
none of the others work
can anyone else view it?

Blue Alliance = Sweet Site

Forwarded the 1200kbps link to team 177 parents.

I know it’s probably a weeee bit late, but making all the links open in new windows [tabs] would be greatly appreciated. I hate losing having to right-click every link.

Looks great guys!

Hey looks great guys. One small thing, I’m not getting audio for the short “Game Predictions” clip on your streaming flash player. I hear audio for the intro animation and the credits, but not for the video. Thanks, you guys are doing a great job!

Mike C.

Edit: Sorry, I just realized that there actually is audio, it’s just incredibly weak in comparison to the audio for the intro and credits. I had to max the volume on my speakers and the flash player to be able to barely hear your voices. Hope this helps.

Hey, great site. But your audio for your game predictions and “its really cold” is wayy too quiet. I had to crank my audio to max to hear it.

Sooo…I didn’t sleep all night, and when I get out of bed at 6 PST my internet is out, so my friend suggests Starbucks, so I rushed here and just got the feed up. Can’t wait!!!

Alright, how many CDers have you spotted? I’ve got Alan Anderson thus far.

so at kickoff at stony brook there was mention of an infared controller… Slip of words? An IR controller doesn’t make any sense…

I don’t think it’s too shocking, given the first hint.

Color me quite surprised (and happy) at the amount of vintage footage in the GP video. Not every day you get to see Tower Power getting played, eh?

Where are you at Stony Brook?
1751 is on the right by the exit, on the lower level.

Oh, and how do you have internet access?

far left back corner of the center bank of seats. Using edge data network and an iPhone. Sitting with 810

You know you’re addicted to FIRST when it influences your wedding cake design.