Kickoff Broadcast Discussion

So, Dave just served team 341 and warned about turning the IFI controller into a pile of slag if you used all the new software stuff.

A IFI controller as a pile of slag… :ahh:


Google as a sponsor? Book? Sweeeeeeeeeet.

hey we’re lego legue

Software guys, is all the stuff Dave talked about good? It sounded good to me.


hurry up I want to hear about the game
team to big no such thing

addicted to what
yay nerd pride

Go Maddie, you got the clue!


Finally the game


Aim High!

We get to fling balls, woo!


What’s with the Steve Jobs look everyone is sporting?

this looks the same as two years ago

Apple Nation?

Offensive and defensive periods? This is going to be interesting.



Height violation?
I can’t wait to read the rules! It seems that there will be interesting this afternoon.


Yay! FIRST Track!

If you have bumpers, you have a 15lbs weight bonus! oooo
No human throwing in the center goal.

heh…Dean made a height joke. The robot can never excede 60 inches in height.

Dave wants a series of non sequential $20s in an en
Interesting…very interesting

Decrypt password!



I knew the song they were playing at the end of kick-off was going to be running through my head all day, so I’m actually listening to it right now and thinking how appropriate it is for FIRST and the game we now face. Clocks by Coldplay kind of covers everything. It’s early yet, so we still have the illusion of time, but the clock really is ticking, and how long before those walls start closing in? We all are swimming against the tide, and almost all of us will curse missed opportunities, but in the long run, we won’t mind because nothing else does compare.

At least one of our troubles does have a name now: Aim High. And that’s a pretty darn big old fuzzy tiger to tame!


Height is overrated. ~Dean Kamen.

Yes, yes it is. :slight_smile: I’m excited about the game. I can’t stop thinking about it. I’ve already thought of a good robot. rubs hands together sinisterly