Kickoff Dance Party 2005!!!

Hello everyone.

As I stated earlier, the 2005 kickoff dance party to be held at Daniel Webster College has been confirmed. Here are the logistics…

2005 Kickoff Dance Party!
Friday, January 7th at 7pm
Daniel Webster College, College Center
Admission = $5, Pizza = $1, Drinks = Free
Procedes to benefit team 42’s FIRST effort.

This promises to be an excelent event! Music and lights to be brought by the Digital Age DJ’z out of Hudson/Litchfield NH. The dance will run until 10pm with lots of dancing, pizza, and games full with prizes.

Directions to DWC can be found at…

Once on campus, parking will be on the right side of the road. The college center is behind the library and to the left of Daniel Webster Hall (looking from the road). This will be a secure event with the adult members of 42 as well as a police officer from Nashua present to make sure everything stays straight.

So join us as we take our last breath of fresh air before kickoff! Bring your team, bring your friends, everyone is invited!

-Andy Grady

p.s. Any questions please post in this thread.

I have no real questions Andy, I just want to say that I wish I could go, I would pay good money to see you cut a rug!


I’ll be sure that we play some Vanilla Ice in your honor!

Good luck to you and the rest of my old teamates this season!

-Andy Grady

I want Ice and Pinball Wizzard!

We’ll miss you man, wont be the same…tear…